Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Great players, one club, no medals - Bluedaddy

A few weeks ago the BBC's Match of the Day cameras were at Deepdale, home of Preston North End, for an FA Cup tie against Manchester City. Before the game, in the shadow of the Sir Tom Finney stand, stood the man himself, answering stupid questions in typically bluff, but polite, Prestonian fashion (I spent the second decade of my life in Preston - it's a no bullshit place to grow up). Finney, irrefutably one of England's greatest ever players, was a one club man, despite this resulting in a trophy cabinet to make Alan Shearer's look fit to bursting. To put it in the vernacular, "He won nowt tha' knows".

While Finney now embodies PNE, I recalled from his biography that he had wanted to leave the club for Palermo in 1952. Tom was on £12 a week, and the Italians were offering a £10,000 signing on fee and ten times his salary. PNE's chairman, the exquisitely named Nat Buck, dismissed Finney's transfer request: "What's 10,000 quid to thee? Nay lad, tha'll play for us, or tha'll play for nobody".

Unfortunately for Tom and me, PNE succumbed to two late goals from City, and I got to thinking about one-club players. Incredibly six current England players are one-club ponies: Scholes, Neville, Gerrard, Carragher, King, Terry. But while five of them have got shiny medals to keep them glued to their first club, and warm in their dotage (not to mention the GDP of a small South American country in their pension pots), only Ledley King fits the Finney profile: great player, one club, no medals. So will King stay at Spurs and why?

If Ledley needs an example of loyalty in defiance of logic, rather than dipping into the history books to the indentured days of Finney and company, he need look no further than a man who actually signed for Spurs in 1991, only to tear up the contract. Step forward, in your own good time mind, Matthew Le Tissier. Two-footed and naturally gifted, like Finney, 'Le God' was also instrumental in keeping his side in the top division, though while the 'Preston Plumber' had the likes of Bill Shankly to help him out, Matt had Francis Benali! Tellingly, both Southampton and Preston finished bottom in the season after their most famous servants retired from football.

As to their respective rewards, Finney has a knighthood, was awarded the freedom of his home city, and of course he has that new stand at Deepdale, while outside the ground stands an impressive sculpture of Tom in his prime versus Chelsea. Le Tissier may have to wait a little longer for the statues and stands, but he too is a freeman of his adopted city. He shares with George Best the distinction of having an aeroplane named after him, and, appropriately for the convivial Guernsey boy, fans can enjoy a drink in the Matthew Le Tissier Hospitality Suite at Southampton FC's St Mary's Stadium, a ground built in no small measure on the back of some of Le Tissier's vital, and often brilliant, goals.

One final thought: while you would have to be mad, or a Saint, to pick the languid Le Tiss over the bona fide football giant Finney, in an all time one-club international eleven, you'd do well to bring Matt on for the penalty shoot-out. Out of fifty career penalties for Southampton, he only ever missed one.

PS. My post 1970 one-club eleven, in a 5 3 2 formation: Sepp Maier, Berti Vogts, Willie Miller, Franco Baresi, Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, Paolo Maldini, Matt Le Tissier, Steven Gerrard, Eddie Gray, Raul, Paul Sturrock.


Ebren said...

Quick note to say there are links in this that I have left at work. I'll put them on tomorrow

hannibalbrooks said...

Excellent BD, loved every word but what a thoroughly original piece too. Well thoughout and put together. This would have made a very interesting blog on GU. I would expect nothing else from the didster. Excellent.

I'm going to wrack my brains to come up with a decent one club side to take your lot on.

marcela said...

bluedaddy's not going to thank you for that, mr ebren editor sir...

really, really enjoyed reading this. am now going to read it again. i liked it so much.

also, 'preston north end' has a magical sound to it. tastes of real football. i've always thought that. good to read a real football story about it.


MotM said...

I would never have thought of this, and yet it's so obvious once you start.

Tom Finney? I was invited to the FA Cup draw about 14 years ago and there he was, a small dapper man with a Northern accent. About the same size as Robbie Fowler or Michael Owen.

Le Tiss? What a player - what a waste. The season before Shearer went to Blackburn I'm sure my old Rothmans has Shearer with 4 league goals and Le Tiss with... 23!

Wonderful stuff - I'm looking forward to Hannibal's XI in which I hope he'll find a place for Ryan Giggs. Never Footballer of the Year, but my pick as Footballer of the last 15 years.

Gerd Muller? Beckenbauer?

Zephirine said...

Thanks Bluedaddy, really nice piece. I learn so much about football from you guys.

hannibalbrooks said...

Elisha Scott
Billy Liddell
Jamie Carragher
Paul Scholes

and I hate to say this but ... Gary Nev

I'm sure Mouth can help me out.

pipita said...

Lovely piece Blue, enjoyed it immensely.
Here goes my XI one-team players. Suppose we are excluding NAmerican league here and players in activity
Maier; Vogts, Baresi, Hierro, Maldini; Overath, Callaghan, Merlo(River Plate),Bochini(Independiente); Pele, Muller

offside said...

Well, I've only ever played for F.C. Antibes, but do I get a mention? Noooooooo. What does one have to do? I wonder.

And who is this Maldini fellow, mmmmmh? What's he ever done?

Poorly researched, hastily written, biased, anti-French piece. Not worth the pixels it's printed on.

greengrass said...

Lovely pre-breakfast reading, Bluedaddy - lovely jubbly, my polar-bear rashers and scrambled eggs will have an extra zing this fine morning!
Let's see, one-club players, post-1970, in 5-3-2 formation:
Che Neville, Scholes, Scholes, Scholes, Scholes; Scholes, Scholes, Scholes; Scholes, Giggs.
Oh - and a goalie: John O'Shea, of course!
Job done!

BlueinBetis said...

Very Nice BD,

Eddie Gray, the LEEDS player?

"But Dad, you told me we hated Leeds"

Matt Le Tissier,
Ronaldo, schmonaldo. Remember that goal when the ball didn't touch the ground...amazing, sure someone can find the youtube link.

50KaWeekSub said...

BD, do you think that Terry is within his rights to hold Chelsea to ransom over a ridiculously lucrative contract (?) - or do you find it a bit sickening that he and Lumps could even think about demanding so much let alone spending it? There is a debate that because he plays in central defence he should not be on a par with the Rooney's and Henry's etc....

Really enjoyed this...

PS HB am looking forward to a piece on Ian Rush : )

The Troll

Ebren said...

Hargreaves - one club player. So five

Still playing one-club team ain't too shabby

Raul Totti
Lennon Hargeaves Scholes Giggs
Maldini King Terry Neville

Ebren said...

oops - lennon started at leeds.

Can anyone think of decent one-club right winger?

Margin said...

which Lennon is that Ebren? Because the Spurs Lennon started at Leeds.

Fantastic article - And has invoked all sorts of wonderful thoughts about those players who, more than any others, count a club legends.

Margin said...

damn you - you corrected yourself before I could.

Gareth Barry at Villa?

Ebren said...

Barry on the right wing?

We must be able to do better than that - Fletcher? Someone at Barca? Guti?

BlueinBetis said...


ha ha ha ha ha.

NO! He's a big girls blouse. And left footed too.

BlueinBetis said...

You could try Messi. I think he's only had one club so far.

Ebren said...

Messi looks like a good option.

So - current off-the-top-of-my-head best one-club team still playing…

Neville, Terry, King, Maldini
Messi, Hargreaves, Scholes, Giggs
Raul, Totti

Any more that demand inclusion?

BlueinBetis said...

Ian Botham only ever played for Scunthorpe United. I think he's right footed, and if you've Totti, Scholes and Giggs... Go on, give Beefy a game.

BlueinBetis said...

aaaah, still playing. DOH!

MotM said...

"One club right winger"? How about Pinochet? The club was over the head mind.

Ebren said...

no way he could have got by with just one club.

He would have needed a putter, a dirver, and at least one wedge.

marcela said...

hey! it's even better with links on! :)

i think you should include bochini in the one-club team line up, as per pipita's suggestion. 'bocha' was maradona's childhood heroe after all.

he was glorious back then:

but was also playing last month, age 53! go the old'sKool...

(pipita, note my humble nature: i fully endorse your proposals even though elsewhere you called me "uncool" for dissing duran duran. LOL)

BlueinBetis said...

[Best said in comedy Italian accent]

There was a rabbit and a skunk, walking along the street, when they fell into a hole in the ground. They landed upon their heads and had concussion. When they woke up they realised that they had amnesia.
"Who are you?" said the 'rabbit'
"Dunno, who are you?" said the 'skunk'
"I have an idea, if you describe me to me then I may know what I am," said the 'rabbit'.
"Okay, you've got big ears, two big front teeth and a fluffy tail."
"I'm a rabbit!" said the rabbit, "Okay, you've got black and white stripes, and you stink like shit." he continued.
"I'm Allesandro Del Piero"

All of which is a very roundabout way of saying that Del Piero has only played for one club. Beefy out, Del Piero in.

Ebren said...

instread of Totti, Raul, or Giggs?

BlueinBetis said...

My heart says instead of King, as Eric says "forward my brothers"
My head says, Raul, on recent form. We can put him on the bench, with Beefy as masseuse.

hanibalbrooks said...


Ian Callaghan and Pele both played for more than one team before they hung up their boots.

Tony Adams

Ebren said...

Good call on Adams.

Did any of the great Real, Ajax, or Bayern youth squads stay the whole carrer?

Butraguano maybe?

reemgear said...

Wasn't Giggs on City's books as a kid?

Anyhow, who cares. Finney and King in the same bracket, sentance, whatever, was a mistake.

I hated Matt Le Tissier for not being a united player, so we can dismiss him too.

Finney though, what a legend.

MotM said...

Neither Muller nor Beckenbauer played for one club alas. Wikipediaing it I did find this about Muller which is simply jaw-dropping

"With national records of 68 goals in 62 international appearances, 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games and the international record of 66 goals in 74 European Club games, he was by far the most successful striker of his day and perhaps any other."

I feel an appreciative piece coming on once I have time.

HB said...


Beckenbauer famously played for New York Cosmos too, which also takes Pele out of the equation.

Ebren said...

Post 70s - I've got Manuel Sanchis from the vulture squad, Sepp Maier from the great Bayern 70s side, and does Lahm get in to the currently playing side because Paulo is now ancient. . .

Muller's scoring record is worse than Puskas' if I remember rightly. Pele is worse than both. But I might be remembering it wrongly - I worked it all out on the Puskas thread if I remember rightly


MocneJim said...

Now then fellas. An interesting read BD and nice to know you've lived up north even if it was in the foreign pastures of Lancashire. Was there an ABU stance on not picking any United players for your team? Come on, no Giggs or Scholes?

greengrass said...

BD -
according to GU, you and me might have 3 dates in May. Is this a serious relationship, or are you just using me?

MocneJim said...

Alright here's my twopenneth

Cassillias (sp?)

G Nev



Any takers?

pipita said...

the only other teams Callaghan, Muller and Pele played for where in the NASL which I made clear I wasnt taking into account. Mine was a former players team only, so Ive got to get rid of Maldini, I'll replace him with another Italian, Facchetti

slimjim68 said...

Stonking piece Blue, really enjoyed it.
I've got one or two single-club men from Spain: Fran, who used to play for Deportivo and Spain; Puyol of Barca; and Arconada, the ex- Real Sociedad and Spain keeper.
El Buitre played for a season in Mexico at the end of his career so that rules him out.
Mocne, it's "Casillas" by the way.

Maurice Malpas is another one - 617 games in 21 seasons for Dundee Utd. Handy full back too.

miro said...

Have they had one girlfriend each, too? And what about the wives?

A great stuff!

hannibalbrooks said...


Ian Callaghan also played for Swansea City under Toshack and Crew Alexander.

It doesn't matter where the club was based, more than one club is more than one club. You can't make your own rules up to suit your own purposes, come on now, play the game ;o)

MotM said...

Don't want to cast aspersions on a Great, but were all the games Puskas played as competitive as (I'm sure) all the games Muller played?

John Aldridge's goals record is ridiculous even if a lot were scored in lower league football.

pipita said...


Had no idea callaghan had played for those sides. Well, in that case, you give me no option but to replace him by an evortonian, ha,ha,ha...Colin Harvey. Im practically sure he played for no one else. Though in all honesty think Trevor Brooking is a better election

bluedaddy said...

Thanks for the compliments. At work so will catch y'all later.

Del Piero started at Venezia I think.

Totti or Raul but not both. Totti better now. Raul glorious around 2000. So Raul wins.

Eddie Gray is a childhood thing, as he was my fav left footed player (am a leftie) and he scored THAT goal versus Burnley. Is Giggs better. Yes. Is Giggs Scottish? No. (I mean I've got Willie 'Magnum' Miller in there FFS!)

ABU Mocne? Damn straight lad!

50K. I think JT and FL (or is that now officially FF?) are fine players, and the trouble with the whole money thing is that part of me cant get my head round £5000 a week let alone 30 times that. If players go or stay at Chelsea I dont really care. If they get paid crazy money I dont care, unless it threatens the club's existence.

But one of my reasons to write my piece was to show that glory can take a different form than medals and cash. Imagine seeing a statue of yourself outside a football ground. 'Legend' starts to have a bit of substance dont you think?

Ebren said...

If we ignore Honved, Puskas has 512 goals in 528 appearances for Real Madrid and 84 goals in 85 appearances for Hungary. I would say that counted as a decent record in more competitive football.

But he was a two-club man, so doesn't count for this list.

MocneJim said...

It appears GU has just put a 30 minute posting restriction on its blog. That'll make for lively and interesting debate then.

I just tried to post a message banning myself once more and they wont even let me ban myself!

Can anyone offer any article titles I might have a bash at writing about? Never even written for a school magazine so will be no doubt drivel but at least I might have a bash at summat.

50KaWeekSub said...

This was entitled great playes, one club, NO MEDALS" was it not BD?

In my book that rules out 90% of those since listed, i.e Totti, Maldini, Man U contingent etc.

50KaWeekSub said...

Further to the above Steve Bull was pretty loyal to Wolves. Le-Tiss takes the biscuit for being the most talented and loyal man never to win a medal.

andrewm said...

Great stuff BD. Miro's got a point about the wives though :o)

The problem with being a one-club man is you never get to be the new signing that all the fans fall in love with.

Jim, if that's true about GU's 30 minute restriction then it's all over I think.

Mouth, didn't Gerd Muller spiral into drug addiction after he retired and end up on the streets? Good luck keeping that story down to 500 words.

chelseaexile said...

50, Le Tiss; Loyal or lazy. Could he be arsed to go elsewhere..?

greengrass said...

I certainly wouldn't like to have to post for 30 minutes at a time: that would really bugger up posting at work.

kokomo said...

Gareth Barry started out at brighton

One club men, no trophies, still playing....

Tough, and my limited knopwledghe of the lower regions of foreign leagues prohitbits me, but (and i've imposed an over-25 limit, to stop me putting cesc fabregas!!)

Kevin pressman

Gary Kelly

Ledley King

Fernando Torres (prob under 25 though)

Too bloody hard this

duncan said...

A great read bluedaddy. Thanks.
Le Tiss - Fabulous.

hannibalbrooks said...


How come you're back on GU as 'kokomo' and not 'Granfatha'?

Ahh yes ... Ken Russell's 'The Devil's' another immortal performance by he whose name shall be whispered with caution ... even on here.

mimi said...

You know I don't really do football, but I read this and all your comments cos the articles here are always interesting, and I certainly get to learn a lot.
Saw the comment re GU and just nipped off to see what's going on, and it is weird! Not only is there this bizarre 30 min rule, effectively stifling conversations on the blog, but also it's a new submission screen and it counts down your word allowance as you type! Do you think we'll get any explanation of what they're trying to do? I don't see the fun of posting if you can't respond instantly when you're on a blog.
Seems like free speech not quite as alive and well as we'd like to have in Farringdon.

bluedaddy said...

mimi. If the change on GU is permanent it will be game over, but I reckon they are short of mods or having a meeting or something. I have seen these screens imposed before when there are too many slanging matches going on.

Marcela. When I used to go to Deepdale 'magical' was not the first word to spring to mind.

And hanks for the El Bocha clip. I came across him as I looked into 'one club men' but didnt know enough about him. Looks a lovely player, and reminded me physically of Butch Wilkins, who somehow mutated from a swan into the ugly duckling, in a footballing and facial sense.

There must be almost a full South American all time eleven, though mostly from the days before European clubs started snapping up players whose balls have yet to drop.


Pipita - HB is right you cant cheat by ignoring the NASL. You can bet Pele counts his goals there in his all time total, and adds them to the ones he put past his old nan.
And Hierro played for Bolton so he is out.

Fachetti is before my time, but on reputation and achievement would surely push Maldini in a best ever eleven (mine is post 1970 and personal), but maybe both would give way to Nilton Santos.
I suspect Yashin would pip Maier too. Casillas has a way to go to match either keeper.

BiB, the 'off the ground' Le Tiss goal is in the link at the end of my article. I have yet to see a better sequence of goals on youtube than LeTissier's top ten in that link.

Offside, I know full well you played for Rochdale FC and are in fact Reg Jenkins:


Footie quiz before I go: What does Raul uniquely (I think) have in common with a long dead but never to be forgotten one club man?

Anonymous said...

Scored in two Big Cup finals as did some dead I don't know? Kisses his own ring? Crappy Spanish mullet?


PS keeps telling me my passwords wrong

pipita said...


Very uncool indeed, but as you say "el bocha" is too much of a one-man-club myth for us argies to rule him out


When did Hierro play for Bolton???? I'll check this out but if he played more than four matches Id be surprised. Thats it, I'll have to put an Everton player then: Labone. Re the NASL, lets get serious here we cant take that "experiment" seriously, I think all those legendary veterans didnt take it seriously either. They even changed the rules of the game!!!!no draws and that ridiculous shoot-out. Not ever sure if they were given the FIFA okay

greengrass said...

Mocne -
grand seeing so much of you on here; it's like the old days on GU.
You were asking for a subject. Try starting with:

My password's wrong...


bluedaddy said...

Pipita - Hierro still in all white, but not looing alright:


50k - the headline is confined to Finney, King and LeTiss. The 'one club' eleven is just to inspire memories and debate.

Bull almost makes the cut but played for West Brom before Wolves (and Hereford after), but he has got a stand named after him at Molineux. Billy Wright only ever played for Wolves (unless you are really splitting hairs and count his games for Leicester in the war) and also has a stand named after him. But he also has a hatful of medals.

As for Terry and Lampard's demands 50k - I'm indifferent now as the numbers involved are barely conceivable. No other club will pay them that much, so Chelsea shouldnt either. But then they started it by overpaying Sheva and Ballack. It's nonsense, but I couldnt really care whether they stay or go in many ways, despite the fact I think they are great players for Chelsea, and a major reason for our recent success. The brickbats thrown at Lampard make me laugh as mosts fans would give their left bollock for a midfielder who scores more goals every season than all but a handful of strikers. Pity he's such a knob.

offside said...


that Rochdale link doesn't work. Don't repair it though, I'd rather keep a lid on that part of my personal history. And don't believe anything you might hear about the alleged incident involving a rat and a kitchen sink.

bluedaddy said...

Ok Reg, ahem, Offside, your secret is safe with me.

And, from what I heard, the rat's in no state to tell nobody bout nuthin.

MocneJim said...

Right then, bit of a name and password tinker. How about a MocneJim attempt at a childrens' story? Somehow tenuously linked to football. Its an idea, eh? I got kids, kids need stories and when was the last/only decent kids football book? You got it. Jossie's Giants. I'll email the boss.

All the best

MJ xx

bluedaddy said...

Mocne, Your Jossie's Giants comments had me on a brief t'internet detour that brought me to a Sid Waddell blog. Imagine my disappointment to read in the first paragraph:
"I was getting ready to MC a bonding night for investing customers of a big German bank."

Did you know Sid went to Cambridge University?

MocneJim said...


Don't fall into the GU trap of counting yer posts. The virtual pub moves and the booze and clients move with it. When you see the largers flowing next door just shut up shop early doors and join in.

I'm sure bloggin has much to do about timing. When's everyone in?


50KaWeekSub said...

Le Tiss certainly was a strange one but I wouldn't call him lazy - loyal and lacking a certain ambition yes - but I'd rather that than a (OK) 50K sub "playing" for a big 4 side and picking up medals.

BD - am with you now as re-read your top 11. It's interesting that you'd happily wave ta ta to Terry/Lamps and I'd say a unique thing to Chelsea because of the huge wealth and inflation busting greed that is being generated. Am sure that next season some new "star" will have overtaken Ballack in the salary stakes and Cashley will be whinging away and nearly crashing his car in disgust.

Oh for the days of Le-Tiss and Bully...

greengrass said...

don't worry, my village is right next door to Rochdale. A couple of phone calls to the right people, and you and me will have enough lowdown on Offside's dirty doings to put him away on a far-off island for a considerable period of time - just like that other Froggy cove, the one on the bottle.
Mind you, Offside mon petit cher, for a slight consideration (let's say a barrel or two of absinthe for
starters) I might be persuaded to make sure that rodent doesn't rat on you.

bluedaddy said...

GG, All I need is Sheila E's number and Offside's secret is safe. If she'll shag Reggie Jenkins she'll shag anybody.

offside said...

There's a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do? There's a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do? There's a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?

ad lib...

MocneJim said...

Is anyone one gonna help me out with ridiculously spely Scottish names then or what?

Where's speaktruth?

marcela said...

speaktruth needs the link to PC and i can't post it because i've posted too recently...

BTW - it IS a technical problem and will not last forever.

bluedaddy said...

Hoots Mon!
Tickle ma boo
Who d'ya think y'are?

No idea what it means but I first heard it when I was about five and will never forget it.

Mocne, check this place out:

I love it.

fred said...

I just gave speaktruth the address.

Speaktruth said...

Finally staggered in here like a drunken....??? staggerer.

Wheshhh a Bar???

Speaktruth said...

Blogs are funny things.

One gets so used to ones blog.

(said in the style of prince charles:-)

I wonder if charlie is a blogger??

or the Queen even??.

She's gotta be a gooner.

"They do things so well, the french".

I hope this is not off topic

Whessh ma drink??!!

MocneJim said...

Welcome Speaky

Cheers fer the link BD

Off to the knackers yard fer the noo

MocneJim said...

BD But is using the vernacular of a Jock the right thing to do? I know anything I've read which has been written in slang or (worse) accent has put me off. I mean, I've got a brain, I can do a Welsh (or whatever) accent in my head. Jusyt ywrite it normally, no?

offside said...


easy. This is a place for "les nourritures spirituelles".

offside said...

And by that I mean, do help yourself to something to read.

Speaktruth said...

Thanks for the invite guys


whatcha tryin to say.

I am in veggie party??

mimi said...

Hi mocne: glad you got your password sorted so we know who you are. I'll do my best with some names for you starting with Ealasaid (Elizabeth), Beathag (Sophia), Ceiteag (Katie), Dubhghall (Dougal, Eilidh (Helen) or the more simple and rather less Gaelic, Sorcha (Clara or Sarah).
Could probably find you more if needed!

Speaktruth said...

READ!!?? READ!!??

I thought this woz a knees up?


GU Guards cut all our patter about hanging out :-)

I thought they were gonna lock us in.

Is this a smoking joint by the way??

offside said...


feel free to light up, lighten up and enlighten us.

pipita said...

Hiya speak, its great to see you over ere

pipita said...


Do you think paulita will come along too??????She seems to follow you everywhere...Dont pay any attention, just jealous

Speaktruth said...



or maybe I follow her everywhere.

She ROCKS!!. Like Marcela, the babes of our blogsphere.

will mention it on the other thing. I am not sure she will have patience with new blog. (I was all over the place tryin to get in here :-)

And one gets terribly used to ones blog you know.

but I will mention it in code, so the GU guards dont spot our devious plot and unleash yet another hail of bullets.

Its rockin in here. Just been on the dance floor.

You got a light??

offside said...

I'll give you a light if you pass that spliff...

Speaktruth said...

I'll roll another offy

where the toilets??

I have visions of seani in his monty burns style control room with multiple screens watching all this partying round Ebrens and ranting:

Ebren eh?



Where the toilets again??

offside said...

First left, down the stairs, left again. Door marked "Ebren's office".

mimi said...

Speak, offside: simmer down boys, simmer down. We'll have no shouting here. This is a local blog, for local people!
And we do mostly love the GU types and are mostly accepting their explanation for today as posted on Marcela's blog.

Speaktruth said...

Nice one.

Hold the fort.

Actually might go for a mimgle.

Speaktruth said...

Dont mean no bovar mimi.

Speaktruth said...

Now I have sobered up (so to speak)

Great place to be. Good work Ebren.


Sorry for wrecking the joint. I blame offside :-)

Nice article by the way.

Just one thing though although I could be wrong.

Raul was actually let go by Ath Madrid as a youth player. someone can correct me on this but he is/was a A. Madrid fan but was overlooked as a youth player or actually released before he then went onto R.Madrid.

In general though I prefer well travelled thoroghbreds.

mimi said...

speaktruth: wreck the joint?? I don't think so. A bit of unruly behaviour may get a slapping in "another place" but surely we're all friends here and, if we can't have fun......

Ebren said...

Does anyone know why my office smells?

I'll check the security camers - I'll bet it was those GU kids again.

mimi said...

Ebren: are you suspecting someone of the old kipper down the back of the radiator routine?
Surely too far to travel from GU Towers. Look closer to home. Speak/offside - where were they at the crucial time? Eh??

Ebren said...

Surely such sweet-natured boys would not be capable of such malcontent hijinks?

I think it was probably one of the 606 lot getting in with a fake ID.

I'll need new bouncers.

mimi said...

Oh god - it was probably Alan Greene! does he have an e? does it matter? Prat doesn't have an e so i guess i've answered my own question there!

offside said...


two things:

One, whatever it was, I didn't do it.

offside said...

Two: I only have to post one more time

offside said...

for bluedaddy to reach the one-hundred comments mark.

offside said...

But don't get any ideas, I'm not going to sit there and talk to myself all day just so you can beat mouth's current total of 116.

Tweet it, digg it