Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to the new Decayde - mimi

That is “decayed” not some kind of American pronunciation of where we are living. This is not a Decade. This is a new decayed.

So why? Well where to begin. With the boys who kick balls – oh that’s the big money place. Well they seem pretty decayed. At the top of the league it’s not about football it’s about mistresses and headlines in the lavvy tops.

At the bottom of the league, it’s still lavvy paper but for different reasons, Poor old Pompey are stuffed for lack of money. At the top poor old JT and AC are stuffed for too much money and too many cheap, well insert your own word there.

In another sport, one we don’t do a lot of here but one who many of my friends and neighbours do here, the golf. Well, hi di hi. Yet again who knows what’s happening. Everyone is waiting for the re-emergence of the Tiger One.

How excited is the world to see Tiger’s first putt or pit or birdie? Well the birdie obviously. That’s what the world wants.

So while we wait for this, what else is happening in the new decade of sport?

For many there is the new season of Formula 1. Race one in – Christ was it Oman, Dubai, Dohar – quite frankly it was so boring I can’t remember. What I do remember is that it wasn’t where we want. The season opener has been in Melbourne for years and it’s rubbishly not there this season.

However somewhere in a desert somewhere, there was an F1 season opening race and it was dull, dull, falling asleep dull. The man who was on pole would have won, except for a problem, so the man who was second, won.

Hope the rest of the season won’t be as dull.

So thank the creative lord who gave us cycling. And the lord that decided to change dates so that instead of boring Lancey Tour in the early stages of the year, we got Oman. Lovely, lovely Oman. A place that is not historical for cycling, but that absolutely loved the peloton and a tour which gave us fun and controversy. [Edvard: don’t go pee like that again!]. Aah the first chance to see how, given a chance, the peloton will punish Sky.

Despite that little weeing incident, it was a great race and the teams are looking good. Just as we are getting into the classics, peddlers like Tom Boonen are coming into form. It’s all looking good on the road.

Not looking bad on the track either. Wendy Houvenaghel, Wendy Louise – speedy cycling lady. Sadly she is not Welsh and so did not get a gold in Denmark, but she is very fast. Only ever comes second to the real Queens of Speed. So where are we now?

Two days into the World Champs and we have a Gold, a silver and a bronze. Jesus effing crhist. Most nations would think that was good. Thing is we are Team GB and we are used to winning everything. Time to take the Mobile Maxx time out and think. Do we want to win now, or do we want to win in 2012? I’m with Chris and the Secret Squirrels on this one.

Love it when the boys and girls win, but love it more in Olympic year.

So if I can’t be yelling for the boys and girls in Denmark, I have to put my heart and soul into some cricket.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the IPL and lord almighty, lord almighty we have the live cricket on the telly every fucking day!.

His truth is marching on – lordy lordy.

Every day, sweet honies, you can watch the bestest of Indian cricketers along with international stars like Fat Jack Kallis, Mad Dog Hayden, Blondie Shane, Albie (weird)~ Morkel and who knows who else. Blimey, you might even see Owais Shah – but not Dimi cos he’s hurt.

But why not give it a try – there are even a few Aussies there for you perverts who like that sort of thing.

IPL on ITV4 every day, every match. Live.

I’ve got my money on the Mumbai Indians and the Kings XI Punjab.

Got to love this comp.

And see what they do in Denmark.

Cycling and cricket. Am I the only person.

Probably yes as while I write this I am listening to this:

And so fine to know that we are fine and there are loads of other reasons for being fine but I can’t think of many right now.

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