Friday, August 10, 2007

Here we go again - Margin

Tan topped up – check
Dreary FA Cup final purged from mind – check
New foreign signing looked up on youtube – check
Subscription to Sky Sports – check
Subscription to Setanta – check
Well earned enjoyment of some international cricket - check
‘Remember me’ box ticked for all football chat pages at work - check
Sunderland win the league in a dream – check
Made sure it was just a dream – check
Argument about Pele's merits on Guardian Unlimited – check
Argument about something political on same site - check
Pointless pre-season tour to developing world nation - check
Chat to boss about Luton Town’s prospects – check
Look up another new signing on youtube - check
Laugh at the latest woes to hit Leeds United – check
Laugh at the latest transfer into West Ham United - check
Youtube new youngster who definately is the real deal this time - check
Pointless pre-season friendly against local amateur side - check
Sign up to on-line Prediction league – check
Predict implausible first day wins for teams ending in ‘County’ - check
Predict 0-0 for Bolton v Newcastle – check
Pointless pre-season friendly against foreign team – check
Phone and shout at the ticket office when opening day ticket doesn't come – check
Don't phone back to apologise when it turns up the next day - check
Enter Fantasy football – check
Notice Dean Ashton going cheap after getting no fantasy points last year – check
Express horror at the number of pre-season injuries – check
Hope Sven does OK just to confound pundits – check
Ponder why the Championship doesn’t start two weeks before the Prem this year – check
Complain about the price of the new home shirt – check
Buy new away shirt – check
Ticket in hand and going no where 27 hours before kick off – check.
Believe this might just be the year – check
Realise it probably won’t be – check
Shout at monitor on seeing Lawro’s bland predictions – check
Forget all about work for the rest of the day – check.
Write silly check list - check

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