Friday, August 10, 2007

Here we go again - Margin

Tan topped up – check
Dreary FA Cup final purged from mind – check
New foreign signing looked up on youtube – check
Subscription to Sky Sports – check
Subscription to Setanta – check
Well earned enjoyment of some international cricket - check
‘Remember me’ box ticked for all football chat pages at work - check
Sunderland win the league in a dream – check
Made sure it was just a dream – check
Argument about Pele's merits on Guardian Unlimited – check
Argument about something political on same site - check
Pointless pre-season tour to developing world nation - check
Chat to boss about Luton Town’s prospects – check
Look up another new signing on youtube - check
Laugh at the latest woes to hit Leeds United – check
Laugh at the latest transfer into West Ham United - check
Youtube new youngster who definately is the real deal this time - check
Pointless pre-season friendly against local amateur side - check
Sign up to on-line Prediction league – check
Predict implausible first day wins for teams ending in ‘County’ - check
Predict 0-0 for Bolton v Newcastle – check
Pointless pre-season friendly against foreign team – check
Phone and shout at the ticket office when opening day ticket doesn't come – check
Don't phone back to apologise when it turns up the next day - check
Enter Fantasy football – check
Notice Dean Ashton going cheap after getting no fantasy points last year – check
Express horror at the number of pre-season injuries – check
Hope Sven does OK just to confound pundits – check
Ponder why the Championship doesn’t start two weeks before the Prem this year – check
Complain about the price of the new home shirt – check
Buy new away shirt – check
Ticket in hand and going no where 27 hours before kick off – check.
Believe this might just be the year – check
Realise it probably won’t be – check
Shout at monitor on seeing Lawro’s bland predictions – check
Forget all about work for the rest of the day – check.
Write silly check list - check


mimi said...

You forgot: follow meaningless match last weekend Chelski v MU. Who won, was there an injury? Check.

offsideintahiti said...

Revive moribund website with humorous piece - check.

Thanks Margin.

mimi said...

Bit cruel there offie. site not moribund - just resting. Damn, it's been a hard summer, following the Tour, trying out bikinis and, well, mate, just getting through the summer. It's been tough, so tough, so hard, had to do some poetry on the other place just to get through ...

Margin said...

I had fun writing it and am so excited about kick off tomorrow that I don't much care if this site is moribund or not.

Oh - and Mimi - I have in fact purged all memory of the charity - oh wait no - "Community" shield.

guitougoal said...

read Margin's silly check list-check

very funny Margin and great timing too, good kick off
tomorow...and hopefully a happy ending.

HannibalBrooks said...

Great piece Margin.

Your excitement shines through.

The footy season's back, it's probably what brought us all together in the first place and lead to Pseuds.

DoctorShoot said...

...count the number of aussie hopefuls in uk leagues - check

...count the number of aussie hopefuls in other leagues - check

try to work out who I'll follow this year - everton / liverpool / manchester city - check all three and discard the lower two later on

file said...

nice Margin, there's a lot of an...ticipation for this season, let's hope it lives up to expectations

wonder what the end of season check list will look like:

Derby win the league, check
Chelsea get points deducted for smugness and get relegated, check
Sir Alex retires, check
City of Man stadium bombed by Thai military, check

sorry doc, but really...

Margin said...

Thanks guys. Its nice to see I'm not the only one getting excited.

Oh and I wrote the list to soon to add...

Wake up at 2:38 having missed the season opener - check
realise it's dark outside and I have ten hours to go - check

MotM said...

Wonder why season starts with extensive injury list - check.

Ponder the hideous prospect that this won't be resolved until next April at least - check.

Wonder why I scoffed at all those oldies saying "It comes round quicker every year" when I now use that phrase in every football related conversation - check.

Look forward to watching Liverpool's close season foreign signings fail to adjust to the Premier League yet again - check.

Cheers Margin!

mimi said...

Season's started: where are you all? My excuse - checking Ian Bell at the Oval. You lot?

munni said...

struggling to resist the urge to post on GU's football weekly thread to correct their pronunciation of Michael Chopra's name...

Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

liverpool - torres is a tricky one, i know this is a cliche, but either he will make it or not, but his record is not that great, remember a lot of these goals are by penalties. hopefully he will as i like the guy, but he might well be a bluff.
need to give him some time though.

what is it all about rafa benitez beard/goatee, is he having crisis with his wife or what is going one, to be honest, he looses a bit of credibility.
it is like those kids at school who after being mods suddenly became b-boys.

Rapha-b-boy said...

I'll shave the goatee when F.Torres score his 12th goal.

offsideintahiti said...

Next season, then?

Emma said...

What about the Peter Crouch poster? HUH?

Margin said...

ah - and another predictable start to the season has come and gone.

Chelsea win at home - West ham lose at home - Spurs bottle it away - arsenal accused of diving after late penalty salvation - liverpool take unconvincing three points - ManU offer glimmer of hope to rivals - Everton look decent but dul - Blackburn show willingess to fight...

But dear god - Newcastle won convincingly.

its a brave new world people!

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