Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It’s not just a game - Paulita

Being born to a xeneize family, I don’t recall ever having a choice about football: we like football but we love Boca. And that is that. Never have I wished it to be otherwise, except for a couple of slippery seconds during the Boca - River, River - Boca semifinals of the Libertadores Cup 2004.

I found myself doing what most football fans do at extreme distress, I tried to persuade myself that everything was alright and no matter what fate had in store for us, it didn’t matter anyway because it was just a game.

Actually, two games, and a 1 - 0 win at home is a small advantage. Nevertheless, there I was, bouncing at the rhythm of drums, trumpets and chants such as ‘Boca is the people, the carnival, Boca I carry you in my soul and every day I love you more’.

After a week of shy exchange of mockery with some gallina friends, I was ready for the second leg. From River, ex footballer, by then Astrada’s assistant, Hernán Díaz, less cautiously stated “we will win 3 - 0”. From Boca, Bianchi answered with his silence “We’ll see”.

Authorities had decided that only local audience would be allowed so we all sat at our preestablished seats at home, the same we’ve used for other glorious victories. A neutral Racing fan is well received but not another certain person. Not that we believe in magic, amulets or anything like that, but it’s no time to tempt fortune either.

I’m determined not to celebrate before it’s over. River wins 1 - 0 but has one player sent off for insulting the referee. Hernán Díaz, conspicuously nervous, is sent off too. And in the 88th minute Carlos Tevez, also a congenital bostero, scores not only a nice and what we thought to be a defining goal, but also gets two yellow cards straight on. Taking off the shirt + aping a chicken (gallina) = early exit to the changing room. But we shout anyway and we hug in a fete noisy enough to irk some neighbors.

I have not told you but I live in a gallina crowded area. Especially during the summer, when most windows are open, you can tell with no need of a census what kind football fans surround you. It’s quite an easy thing to establish because all of them are just as loud. In my case, I’m stuck between River fans, they celebrate River goals as loudly as they celebrate the ones that Boca´s opposition scores. Forget about the radio (or meditating), you’ll find out the scores whether you want or not.

The thing is, with still some insults echoing in between the buildings, Nasutti scores for River. A packed to the rim Monumental explodes in a tempestuous joy and so do my neighbors.

Penalty shootouts it is.

Now I’m determined to stay calm, Abbondanzieri is an expert and, besides, I’m sticking with that of it being just a game.

River goes first. Chilean Marcelo Salas scores. Lucho Gonzalez, Montenegro and Cavenaghi score for River. In a fearless move, Bianchi sends two juvenile debutants (Ledesma and Alvarez) to shoot. That is fearless for him because I’m having trouble getting the necessary oxygen. They both score. The same, Burdisso and Schiavi.

We are 4 - 4. I stand up for having a numb foot but the condemning looks of my clan make me take sit again. It’s Maxi Lopez’s turn and Abbondanzieri lives up to his fame. Villarreal seals the victory scoring the fifth penalty.

Boca’s players seem to celebrate in the cone of silence.

I giggle, partly because I’m happy and partly because my body, set on the alert mode, refuses to believe it’s over.

All of a sudden, the dark blue sky is scribbled with fireworks, proving the existence of another island of bosteros. It makes absolutely no logical sense but the feeling is of supreme completeness.

The following day, Buenos Aires would be wallpapered with taunting posters. Again, you could easily tell who was on what side, only this time by the look in their faces. We, Boca’s fans, walked along with a sentiment of pride, as if our input had been decisive, as if it was our merit. River fans were mostly left without words, assuming within the defeat.

Before I forget to tell you, the Libertadores Cup 2004 was finally won by Once Caldas from Colombia. But that was really just a game.


andrewm said...

Brilliant, just brilliant. A pleasure to read.

(Sorry Ebren, but it's the truth :o))

offside said...


can I get a south american assignment (all expenses paid)? I want to see one of those clasicos.

Actually, you should give the same assignment to Paulita and Pipita: to cover the next clasico. I bet we'll get two completely different articles. And judging by the samples on here, both will be a pleasure to read.

greengrass said...

Good idea, Offside!
Bugger - does that mean it's BD & me for the Stamford Bridge game?
Maybe a joint EBE (elbow by elbow).


Rovers said...

The next 'super-clasico' is only a few weeks away... this assignment should come to fruition.

Zephirine said...

Great piece of writing!

postern said...

a benchmark. lovely to read

honolulu said...

I'm so glad your team won. It is hard to make the commitment to something so emotional and have your heart broken, especially when it isn't even your team.

bluedaddy said...

This is just superb, cooked to a tee. "Supreme completeness", "as if our input had been decisive, as if it was our merit", "scribbled fireworks", and a lovely pay off at the end.

One of the best pieces we have had, and that's now quite a compliment

pipita said...

Paulita querida...En hora buena. Wherever did you get the idea that the Palermo area of town is a River-gallina area??? I can assure you that, also being a resident of that neighborhood, the bostero screams are more noticeable...Lovely piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in spite of the fact that I was at the monumental that night. Let me remind you that at the end of the day, we won 2-1....I dont bother about penalties anymore....I will write a piece for Pseuds on the next super-clasico. I challenge you then to write your bostero perspective on the same game.

Anonymous said...

I'm in recoleta actually pipita.
you have to go to la bombonera to write a proper article on that game.

I'm glad andrew and bluedaddy liked it
(and I'm sorry Ebren?)

pipita said...

Annonymous, aka guitou perhaps???
Has to be, wondering about in sophisticated recoleta......

Anonymous said...

I'm paulita, don't know why I'm anonymous?

marcela said...

very nice, paulita.

and as for this idea that yourself and pipita should file from the next superclasico, i love it.

reading this reminded me of when matches first started to be broadcast pay per view. i arranged for a hardcore river friend to watch the game with my dad, brothers and cousins, because they had the ppv. although they were in recoleta, the poor gallina was surrounded by bosteros... :)

we are everywhere, paulita.

i thought you said you lived opposite marangoni's school in la penitenciaría (as it was known in my yoof).

Anonymous said...

the clan lives in recoleta, I'm close to marangoni.

a neutral and poetic fan (offside) would be necessary

Anonymous said...

i'm in recoleta now and I can see 3 river flags hanging on balconys. no boca flags, really.

marcela are you still in bs as to go to the clasico?

marcela said...

i wish...
i was only there for a fortnight. feels like years ago already.
i'm in london, staring at a perfectly formed full moon.

i didn't catch any boca games in february. at the stadium i mean. you want to go to one next time i'm over there?

Anonymous said...

you have not seen roman con la azul y oro live?

yeah, as long as you don't bring your friend di zeo...

marcela said...

not di zeo, honeybun. i'm way before his time. el abuelo - violencia era la de antes!!

mimi has just asked me over for a drink in the tap room... if you want to come along.

Anonymous said...

jajaj di zeo esta preso igual, se entrego hace unos dias.

time to go home for me.

marcela said...

ahhh, but being preso never stopped el abuelo and me from drinking mate together - :)

but that's another story.

y dale, y dale, y dale boca dale.

Anonymous said...

we bosteros are so nice people...

pipita said...


Why are you annonymous??? Perhaps your right, last time I went to la bombonera for a super clasico, River won courtesy of a Cavenaghi header, remember???No, this time I definetly wont be going, but shall write something all the same. You will be going I asssume, eh bosterita...Dont tell me your "chickening" - ha ha ha- out on writing your boquita account...No arrugues

MotM said...

This is why you don't need the Champions League.

Everton - Liverpool used to have something of this piece about it, but can I be sure it means as much to Liverpool now? Even to ask the question is to diminish the game.

Progress they call it...

Great to read - thanks.

Ebren said...

Paulita - why are you sorry?

I didn't know that you had done anything to be sorry about.

If anything I should apologise to you for holding off on publication for as long as I did.

Holding off on publication.... *Ebren dashes off to find mimi's piece from weeks ago before she gets angry and sets the Tapir on him*

BlueinBetis said...

What is it about you Argentinians? How come you ALL write so well? Do they take you off for special classes when you're about 12 or something? Just thinking about writing something like this in Spanish gives me the heeby jeebies, yet you Paulita, along with your compatriotas, Pipita and Marcela, mange to write about football and enthuse emotion into every piece.

MUY BIEN, queires venir aqui y ensenar ingles a mis alumnos? por que ellos no pueden escribir tan bien, ni de cona.

E un aviso, cuando escribeis estas cartas del partido, los voy a robar por algo en un classe, no estoy seguro de que, pero los voy a robar...

When is the game?

bluedaddy said...

De nada Paulita.

That's my Spanish pretty much done.

To avoid being anonymous: when you post, look below the comment box and see 'choose an identity'. If Anonymous button is highlighted you will post as anonymous. If you click Other you can choose a name each time you post. The Google/Blogger identity comes from your login name if you have registered with Google or Blogger.

Once you have posted as Paulita on Other, just typing a P into the username should pop up Paulita.

paulita said...

thanks bluedaddy. I sure know about boca, but nothing on computers...

it was a good thing that you hold this off because it came out on boca's birthday :)

no es necesario que robes nada, con mucho gusto te lo regalo.
15th april is the Day. thinking about coming?

of course depending on the result I'll be in te mood to tell our northern friends about the clasico. or not.

BlueinBetis said...


As they say in Skegness,

I'd give me right bollock to be able to come to see this game.

But not this year, unfortunately, maybe next year, I would love to come to see your beautiful country, and see a real derby, and listen to nothing but the accent all day. Fantastic. They'd probably reganar me for hablando andaluz... but it'd be worth every penny. Time to start saving, at least if I say "we're going to Argentina!" to Mrs Betis, she'll happily go, now that's a plus point!

p said...


we say that too. we're also more attached to left bollocks.

hurry! argentina is pretty cheap these days

pipita said...


Sincerly hope you are serious about coming over here next year. This is the time to come visit Argentina, its really cheap for your euros right now. Thanks for the compliments, its interesting you mention your thoughts on the level of writing here. I always considered it to be pretty low standard actually, because kids at high school here are not assigned the amount of essay writing you get in English schools. Off course you teach in Spain, that may well be not much prone to writing exercises either

pipita said...

Yet again...telepathy, this time bostera paulita beat me...

paulita said...


this might go against ebren talk's policy (if he has one??) but I thought you could enjoy some words from bambino veira in this sunny morning:

"¿Viste qué escenografía, pibe? Hermoso, esto es verdaderamente espectacular. La vista del mar motiva a los árboles, y los árboles motivan a los pibes..." (en una pretemporada)
"Pibe, yo tengo un laburo más difícil que el plomero del Titanic" (cuando no podía levantar a San Lorenzo)
"¿Viste lo que es ese pibe? Va, viene... va, viene... parece una autopista"
"¡¡¡Con el corazón Klimowicz, defendéla con el corazón!!!" (cuando dirigía a Lanús le pidió eso al granadero, pronunciando literalmente todas las letras del apellido)
"Falta Shin Kelly y estamos todos" (en la previa de Banfield - River cuando llovía torrencialmente; Gene Kelly actuaba en "Cantando bajo la lluvia")
"Acá asaltaron a Rambo" (refiriéndose a los alrededores de la cancha de San Lorenzo)
"Me gusta tanto la noche que al día le pondría un toldo"
"¡Qué barbaridad, cómo los hace laburar el Profe! Hace cansar hasta a los conitos..."
Te saqué para protegerte" (a Sandro Guzmán, luego de sacarlo en el entretiempo. Guzmán no volvió a jugar al fútbol y hoy es un DJ Rastafari, que toca con el de todos tus muertos, se llama JAH GUZMAN)
"JJ, ésto no fue Newell's-Talleres.... ¡hoy vimos Milan-Inter!" (a J.J. Lopez, después de un Newell's-Talleres)
Entiendo la crisis del club, pero pedí un cuatro y me dieron un pomelo"

pipita said...


I love Bambino Veira anecdotes and phrases. Probably we could write a piece on this very colorful and controversial charachter

Here go a few more, we should try to translate them later on

"Parecía que estaba abrazando una bomba atómica"(Cuando el bambi abrazó a Ruggeri después que éste lo puteara por haberlo sacado de un partido chivo contra chilavert y velez)
Otra, al final de su carrera jugando para la U de Chile lo mandan al bambi al banco. Como era pleno invierno el bambi va tapado con una sábana. Faltando 20 el tecnico de la U dice "bambi, vaya precalentando que va a entrar" el bambi lo mirá de abajo de la sábana y le dice "Uyyyyyy, le parece profe??"
"Una vez que fuimos de gira a La Paz, decidí tomarme una moto-taxi, el chofer me pregunta 'con palo o sin palo?'yo no entendía a que se refería, pero le dije 'con palo', ni bien arranca se vienen un montón de perros al humo, ahí entendí, el palo era para pegarle a los animales esos"

Rovers said...

the shame about Bambino's body of work is that it invariably loses everything in translation.

I'm resigned to it I suppose: we'll just keep it as our 'national treasure'.

Pipita/Paulita/Marcela can ruminate all they want as to which barrios are bostero/gallina.... this fall Buenos Aires is Azulgrana. San Loreeeeee !!! San Loreeeeeeee !!!! Even Viggo arrives from plasticland to party with us!

pipita said...


Careful with partying too much on the half way stage......V Mortensen is amazing he even speaks with a porteño accent. Re Bambino its true, very difficult to translate into slang-english. remembered another one , which I actually dont have to say in Spanish. When he was a teenager he was playing for san Lorenzo against Boca at la Bombonera, and giving the Boca defenders a real hard time, one of them eventualy lost his temper and fouled Veira so badly that el Bambino fell on the ground, whilst the referee was booking the defender el bambino, still on the floor, starts "shooting" at the defender with his fingers as if they were guns

paulita said...

I forgot the one on ruggeri!!!
bambi is brilliant but I declare myself icompetent for the translation job...

could viggo mortensen be more annoying?

Rovers said...

Don't be jealous paulita....
Boca has Captain Freeze --your cup runneth over :)

BlueinBetis said...

If I wasn't up to my eyeballs in wallpaper paste I'd have a go at translating that. However I am up to my eyeballs in wallpaper paste...

speaktruth said...

Bravo Paulita

I see you finally made it onto Ebren's den.

Nice Article written with your typical style :-).

And you have approval from andrew (simon cowell) m.

I feel sad for missing all the fun :-(


The purist.

paulita said...

hey mr truth

I was wondering...
did you hand over your purist badge on your way to old trafford??

andrewm doesn't seem the type who wears those tight t shirts, does he?

Speaktruth said...

Hey Paulita,

One day I will be at the right place, at the right time :-)

Special circumstances dictate I retain my purist badge.

And a true purist will always follow the path to the theatre of dreams.

I really cannot say anything about Andrewm and tight t shirts......you just never know.

Have you been watching the gumchewers boys?

surely you too must have had some joy?

The Purist.

paulita said...

hola purist

right time?

Speaktruth said...

Hola Paulita!!


My timing is getting like Fabregas's :-)

Or maybe its yours??

paulita said...

hahahah. you shouldn't pack your memory with such useless details!

joy indeed. both legs against rome were great games to watch for a neutral and remote fan. I saw a bit today against watford, also good.

you know it's time to give your badge...
maybe also cannavaro could hand over his fifa... of the year. both of you can rise your palms, look sorry and say 'it was a mistake'? I won't judge you, I promise.

Speaktruth said...

My memory is full of all sorts of useless details. but not about inventing the...... "wheel" :-))

You saw the games??

ok you have to admit, now you are going to join me in the theatre of dreams.

I will even get you Purist badge

I have a strong feeling about the gum chewer and his boys.
I think they are now in the "anything is possible" phase and its looking good.

The v Milan games will be a feast for the purists :-). We will have to make some special preparations. Maybe layon some food, some wine in anticipation of a feast :-)

How is Roman these days?

paulita said...

do you know the history behind 'the theatre of dreams'? I read somewhere that bobby charlton invented that?

the 7 - 1 was a GREAT game, not only because of the result but because of the feeling that the team transmitted. 'anything is possible'? it could be that, yes. but the thing is that is saffer to remain a purist...

paulita said...

roman has had many good games, one quite close to perfection, so close it's almost sad...

tomorrow he has a big game.

on a recent interview he related how ferguson went to find him at some hotel to convince him to go to manchester. I thought then he is the godfather after all.

Speaktruth said...

And then we shall oversee Cannavarro handing in his fifa world player badge :-)

Speaktruth said...


The 7 - 1 was beautiful. Especially cos I had played a game that eve which we lost which was a bad feeling....but then the game.

Ferguson searching hotels :-)

what period was this?? this season?

that would have been interesting.

what do people there think of C.Ronaldo?

Is simon cowell well known in Argentina?? (ha he I can imagine the disdain in your answer)

paulita said...

it's always refreshing to see a team with such strong 'personality'.

is it really a beautiful stadium?

I think it was the previous. but my memory lies very often. maybe roman would have been another veron?

we think the same as the rest of the world of ronaldo: don't go to madrid!

american idol should be banned, really.

paulita said...

there's an latin american idol also.
and it also should be banned.

Speaktruth said...



Its very entertaining, in a rubbish kinda way. I have viewed infrequently when it still has the weirdos on.

Roman would have been an interesting one in the epl. I think people today would understand Roman's game the way they did not always with seba.

The theatre is like a palace for the gods.

Especially on Roma like nights.

From a purists point of view of course.

paulita said...

alright, not have the showed banned, but they shouldn't keep on singing after it ends.

really? my impression is that GU bloggers didn't appreciate roman much.

now you have to go to la bombonera and you'll have seen the 2 most beautiful stadiums : )

Speaktruth said...

I think la bombonera will be a different kind of beauty :-)

I think people here respect Roman's qualities. Maybe though they hesitate....

There is a lot of talk about Bayern.

Can he survive the Bavarian cauldron? (Now...I want to go to the Alliance Arena)

Sometimes though I think I am not very happy in big crowds.

paulita said...

roman has said in europe he won't play for other team than villarreal... many say that he will stay here.

why are you not happy in crowds?

Speaktruth said...


Dont know. Just not my thing these days.

Maybe now I am more quiet :-).

Speaktruth said...

I have not seen u on the other side for a while.

have you been banned too??


paulita said...

I see. I don't like crowds myself.

but the way to properly see a game is in the stadium. I don't mean to be monothematic but riquelme's game can't fully be apreciated on tv.

I'm so monothematic :)
that's an existing english word, right?

paulita said...

no, I've been around but I usually don't take part when it's about predicting or establishing which is the better league.

Speaktruth said...


So la Bombonera it is

I will add that to my list of things to do :-)

Everyone's club/league is always bigger/better.

And now Ebren's den

And you have written something in English (Good Work)

Although I am not sure about these new words you are inventing :-)

paulita said...

nono, don't put it in that list. those things never ever get done.

between you and me, it's colourful sh**.

that's not a word? it should be!

paulita said...

still no ferguson piece from the purist?

Speaktruth said...

ha. ha.


I've been busy.

Busy, researching. :-)

paulita said...

you have not put it in your to do list, have you?

Speaktruth said...

ha. ha.

u r cruel.

Its work in progress. :-)

Besides....the final chapters are yet to be conceived.

paulita said...

I assume you'll write the story even if doesn't have a happy ending?

Speaktruth said...

I can never write such a sad ending.

In anycase there is no possibilities for a sad ending

This tale will be a joyous one. The are hitting new heights, finding higher notes, experiencing different sensations.

Its like a hungry lion that smells his prey. He may wounded, but he knows he still has his speed and his guile and the meal is not far away.

It brings a taste to the lips.

paulita said...

you are quite and metaphorical these days.

it could be an angry ending. kind of 'football is an unfair affair'??

paulita said...

premierleague is so long (twice as long), in comparison to the argentine one, that I always have the feeling that it's about to end, which makes it seem even longer.

Speaktruth said...

You are right.

But such are the highs and lows of life. (Crikey! I was gonna go all metaphorical)

In anycase it will be angry whatever the outcomes. starting with Rafa v Jose.

paulita said...

I'll let you work on your metaphores then : )

have to go.

nice meeting you over here

Speaktruth said...

Its been a pleasure.

In the other place. :-)

Speaktruth said...

"roman has had many good games, one quite close to perfection, so close it's almost sad...

tomorrow he has a big game."

To my fellow purist.

I await news.

paulita said...

me? a purist? you think?

if you don't hear from me it's because there are no good news :)
in that case, I'm sure pipita can keep you updated.

Speaktruth said...

Yes, You, a purist :)

I wish your hopes, luck.

I guess you will have all the nervous tension and numb leg and expecting a tragedy :)

Maybe you will maintain your run of beautiful moments.

Maybe you can write the story for here. I re-read your article and laughed a lot.

Your descriptions and emotions are so clear.

But its only a game :)

paulita said...

I guess it takes one to see one?

we can always use a bit of luck.

I'm usually so very rational but I'm choking with nerves right now :)

don't re-read anymore! it can only resist 1 read.

I'm off to la boca.

Speaktruth said...


You make me laugh. with your nervous tension.

You are expecting a sad end :)

You have to believe.

That is the job of a La Doce

Speaktruth said...

still no news from the reluctant purist.

In anycase I looked up the scores.

But its not such a sad ending.

paulita said...

talk about timing!!!

emotional game indeed. it's a pity you don't get to see it over there.

oh, the first half a football lesson dictated by roman.

Speaktruth said...

Is my timing still like Fabregas's

So Roman was in control?

I think the goal was early non?

like first 7 mins and then they came back late in the 2nd half.

when....Roman had gone for a siesta? :-))

how was your tension??

Speaktruth said...

Maybe I can speak to someone about buying the rights to the Argentinian league

afterall in the league you have:

Arsenal - goalscoring version of the english one


Newell old boys - Linked to Mike Newell.


They will probably show the game in 6 months time on some fringe channel (5) late at night when no one is watching.

paulita said...

marcela should be writing a piece on this game.
50 seconds: goal.

boca played a great first half, I don't remember how many goals riquelme served (but they were many). then river got better but still boca had chances to finish it off.
no siesta!!! it's not possible to keep that pace for 95 minutes.


I might have suffered a mild heart attack. or two.

paulita said...


how do you know argentine arsenal and newells???

Ebren said...

Any chance P and P are going to write about this for us poor Europe-bound fans?

I got all excited when there was a new email in the pseuds inbox - but it was an URGENT MESSAGE FROM DR UBONGA SANCHEZ.

I was so dissapointed.

paulita said...


pipita said he would write about it with the focus being on passarella.
I'll prepare my claws.

Ebren said...

Claws good - whole articles better.

Mimi and I clashed oars over the boat race. Her dark blue heart producing something about the badness and commersialisaiton. My light blue soul rhapsodising the joy of attending. Of course this had nothing to do with the fact Cambridge gloriously triumphed and Oxford lost like the losers they are ;o)

So there is plenty of precedent for producing two articles on the same event.

paulita said...

I read that and I wondered if you had an interest for all sports alike.

of course pipita will play the dark heart role...

I have to watch it first on tv and then I'll be happy to share my views.
anyway, I think marcela will write something on this...

Speaktruth said...


you should write something about this game.

(Including those heart attacks :))

of course everyone here knows about Newell old boys.


what did DR UBONGA SANCHEZ want?? :-))

Ebren said...

paulita - not quite all sports. But I rowed quite a lot at Cambridge, and my sister rowed quite a lot at Oxford. It's a sport I like, the event was more of an event than a sport, but fun none the less. We'd welcome anything you wrote.

Speaktruth - Dr Sanchez was writing to me to inform me of an opportunity that presented itself in his homeland. Apparently there is a large sum of money he needs to transfer out to save cute puppies and children, and if I send him my bank details he can sort this out and I get to keep the interest!

I'm just replying now.

Speaktruth said...


Thats amusing

Ha! Ha!

paulita said...

clearly a family of notables.

I bet that if you don't reply:

a) a close relative will die
b) puppies will turn into expensive coats
c) children will be adopted by madonna
d) 7 years of bad luck will haunt you

Ebren said...

Paulita - that's a problem.

While I don't want anyone to die, puppies make excellent coats, madona treats children better than orphanages, and luck doesn't exist.

What do I do now?

And now I have to re-enter my bank details with paypal as there has apparently been people stealing identities and they are updating their software.

Someone help me?!?!

paulita said...

you are the one who went to cambridge, shouldn't you know?

maybe too much rowing...

Ebren said...

Definitely too much rowing. The other day I was crossing the Thames on a ferry, and a women's eight went by. Instead of checking out the girls I found myself looking at their blades, backslpash, timing, strokes and feathering. I may have a problem.

I should point out that I only spent a year on the Cam, during which I mainly drank and played sport (hockey, football, rugby, rowing, cycling, bit of cricket) and the rest of the time drinking and making friends in the bar.

I then sat some exams I could have taken the day I arrived without much trouble, which I just about passed.

My sister was thrown out of Oxford for prioritising the bar over work (literally). She didn't fail anything though.

paulita said...


you may have many problems :)

I'm gonna have a long lunch (that means: watch on a screen everything that my short-sightedness missed of boca - river )

Speaktruth said...

Hola Paulita

Are still writing about the game?


preparing for a job as a football commentator?

Have you seen the debate and the news?

Speaktruth said...


So, today I have the timing of a Paul Scholes tackle :-)


Tweet it, digg it