Monday, April 16, 2007

Everyone gets a smile - paulita

This super clásico seems to have arrived as one of the most anticipated ever. But that’s the feeling it irradiates every single time.

La Bombonera gathers the most diverse kind of people. Between many, economical chasms and nationalities separate us. A group of Asian tourists dressed for the occasion in ‘azul y oro’ (blue and gold) stand out. The game has not started but already they show big smiles. Their incessant, indecipherable, murmur is frowned upon. My prejudice tells me they can’t possibly get it. I’m proved wrong when they stand up and flap their hands in tune with La Doce when it’s time to remember hoaspitalised Diego.

I guess nobody is immune to this.

I try to not get carried away neither by the alleged condition of River of underdogs nor by the near departure of Boca’s biggest idol of the last decade: Guillermo Barros Schelotto. I find that anything but easy.

My heart will be accelerated for 95 minutes and there’s no point in trying to fight it.

The first ball goes to Riquelme’s feet and it comes as a balsam: Román is in one of those days. You can tell, one touch is enough. The second ball he touches finishes in the quickest goal in the history of the clásico (50 seconds). Only he can find the unseen alleys to the goal and leave Ledesma in a position to execute River’s goalkeeper, Carrizo (I suggest that you remember that name). The waving terraces slide at the deafening shout of gooooooal, followed by Riqueeeelme Riqueeeeeelme, which will be spontaneously repeated all through the game.

The first 45 minutes are played at the pace that Riquelme settles. And no, it’s not slow. It’s profound, precise and elegant. Not only ball possession, but ten clear possibilities to score that mostly encounter the wall that Carrizo built up in the goal line. River seems to come back to life at the very end of the first half with one chance.

The breaks in Argentina are longer than in other leagues. They last long enough for the pessimist thoughts to arise. Everyone stuffs with whatever food is sold (they all include meat and bread) in order to avoid thinking about the widespread football law which says that the goals that you fail to score are scored against you. Whether if that’s true in itself is of little importance, it’s proved right in facts more often than not.

The second half finds an eroded Boca and an early equalizer from Rosales. He looks up to the sky, conscious of how grateful he and his fellow gallinas should be. River have a few chances to win the game and so do Boca. River don’t attack but wait crouched and counter attack, always a valid tactic, though hardly satisfying for the black palate that River fans parade.

Carrizo miraculously saves with his leg a free kick taken by Riquelme who also puts a remote-controlled ball on Palermo’s head. All the subtlety that his feet lack, lie in his headers. And yet, he misses. I know then that it’s just not going to happen. Not this time.

Passarella saved his head for now. During the previous game, River fans started chanting about him being a bostero. In their mouths, that’s a big offence. So he chose to carry a white and red umbrella when crossing the field in Boca (and we all let him know that we don’t want him here anyway). In the same line, after the game, he provocatively stated ‘I don’t celebrate draws, they do’. And yet his eyes were laughing so loud.

On the way out of la bombonera, the sense of loosing two points more than winning one was unavoidable.

But had we already forgotten what we just saw and how we felt? Riquelme floods our hearts with immense joy only by playing football. Anything can be said about him, but that’s the effect he has on us. Never has he failed us and we might consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed a breed of footballer in danger of extinction.

A constant reminder of the collective nature of the game.

R: ‘It’s my duty to do everything to help Palermo be the top scorer
J: ‘What about scoring yourself?’
R: (shrugging and looking down)‘I’m happier when I assist a teammate’

And those are not just empty words. Most of the celebrations of Boca’s latest goals include a gesture of thankfulness towards its conceiver who smiles in response (yes, Riquelme smiles).

Because on one of those days, he doesn’t randomly pass the ball. He protects it, even with his ankles at the risk of revenge from humiliated defenders, with such determination that we know he simply can’t loose it. Only then he raises his head and clarifies the play.

On one of those days, he treats us a trick or two and we say ‘have you seen what he just did?’ just to make sure it was not our eager imagination.

On one of those days, he defies modern football and proves that speed of mind beats sprinter's legs.

On one of those days, we get to smile and hope that those days never end.


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guitougoal said...

ladies and gentlemen the Paulita, Pipita bout is officially on .
-Paulita, I noticed than Riquelme (que bueno, maravilloso jugador!) went to meet Pasarella and kissed him are they close friends?
I thought Corrizo the River, goal keeper was the man of the

paulita said...

yes, Riquelme debuted in the national team when Passarella was coach.
at the beginning of the seasson there even have been rumours about passarella calling roman to play for River.

pipita said...

Paulita!!!!! You kept your word and wrote the piece...So did I ha,ha,ha
Lovely romantic piece, I enjoyed reading it vey much in spite of your Roman-bostero love affair. One thing that clearly distinguishes it from mine, is that you did actually go to yesterdays game, so there is more of a sense of excitement in your piece.

paulita said...

hey pipita

I wrote it because I knew you would write yours and I was afraid your telling of the clasico wouldn't made honor to the truth.
far from that, you put a nice defence on passarella.

offside/orsay said...

paulita, pipita,


I didn't see it (French TV wouldn't even show highlights, I think they're still pissed off about Higuain) but your efforts seem to mirror the game perfectly. More fluidity and eye-catching moves from paulita but a solid, dogged defense from pipita. So, in the end, a well earned draw for the pleasure of the Pseuds' Corner readership.

!Muchas gracias!

duncan said...

I love Riquelme. Thanks for the article! He should have scored yesterday, but is always a joy to watch.

greengrass said...

Thanks, Paulita!

I really have nothing to add, other than that I read a report at the weekend about a chorizo that exploded in London, causing excessive facial burning.

Perhaps our new Community Mod was called Jones before he slipped one of those down his pants.


paulita said...


I'm always happy to please someone who loves riquelme :)

for the good of pseuds corner maybe it's not such a bad thing that you can't see the game.

offside said...


why, are you scared I might write about it? I know I would be, if I were you.

paulita said...


yes, that.

and also it's a good thing that you have to see it first through my eyes and then in your mind. no ugly misleading TVs involved.

bluedaddy said...

Sorry to come late to this. I also havent seen the game but I loved this piece (I havent read pipita's yet). It's always a pleasure to watch a player like Riquelme who doesn't rush. I don't think they will die out, because even if everyone else runs faster and faster, the intelligent player will appear to be moving more calmly.
As a Chelsea fan (sorry to evoke the Ugly Ones) I have been surprised to see that Jon Obi Mikel appears to be such a player.

mimi said...

I know next to nothing about football even in the English Premiership, and no knowledge at all of South American leagues and intrigues, but this and Pipita's piece are so well worth the time of reading. It makes me want to know more, and if you two go on with your reports, maybe I can be an armchair expert by the time the next season starts.

BlueinBetis said...

Haven't robbed it yet, still mulling over what to do with it. AND I never got to see the game. boo.

But reading these two pieces I have vicariously enjoyed the game. Hooray.

Thanks very much.

I also love Riquelme, and I see the comparison BD, and he's only 19. Tremble world...

paulita said...


I meant to say that (especially here), number 10, strategists, are scarce and getting scarcer by the years. those who can 'own' a game and give that final deadly pass.
River for instance doesn't have one and pipita could spend hours talking about historical 10 that he's seen.
the little I've seen of obi mikel I've liked, but I don't think he's of that kind? still maybe he can make the ugly ones less ugly.


so there's a chance we might convert you? I knew there was a mission for me in this world.


you're welcome to come next year :)

mimi said...

paulita: if you look at my sports portfolio you will see it is diverse. Any one has a chance of drawing me in to something else. I await your temptations with, oh, nervous antici--pation!!

paulita said...


I've noticed your variety and my limited mind can't understand why no beautiful football??

mimi said...

Oxford United FC - that's why from an early age. As a grown-up, emotional entanglements have ended me up as a Liverpool supporter. It's more of a music and boyfriend thing than anything else.

paulita said...

ebren said something about oxford being losers :)

paulita said...

oh no, that was rowing

pipita said...

Thanks for the kind words. Ive got a deep affection for Oxford Utd as well. To think I actually saw them play in the old first division, around 1987, Now they are a non-league outfit......
Did you know el pelado diaz coached Oford a couple of years ago????Off course I could spend hours talking of River's number ten's of the past. By thee way, did you manage to avoid today's thunder storm and floods in nuestra Buenpos Aires querida??

guitougoal said...

what about Pablo Angel on his way to New York?

marcela said...

sorry to have missed this yesterday - both accounts are great. and both main characters - riquelme and passarella - worthy of volumes.
how serendipidous that the game should end in a draw!
i once tried to pitch a book about why the draw should be a valid result in football... never got very far, needless to say.
but these two reports published jointly are a wonderful, even, balanced snippet of the superclasico.
paulita muy boooooca; pipita muy riiiiver!

BTW Blueinbetis, Riquelme is not 19. He is 28. Did you mean Riquelme is 19? Maybe i misunderstood.

paulita said...


no, I didn't know!!! ramon diaz is genius.

I avoided them. well, almost, at some point I think it rained more inside my house than outside.
are you settled in your new home?

paulita said...

finally marcela!

I think he meant obi mikel

pipita said...


Too bad about the rain in your house...I was stranded on my way back from work on Avenida Libertador, it was as if they had inaugurated a new river there. Tommorrow is D-day for me, as I move in to my new flat.
Yeah, at last...I'll get back to you in my thread, I cant allow Paulita to take the lead, ha ha ha

paulita said...


good luck with your new home (still in palermo?). hurry before the rains starts again.

this was really a bostero account of the game:

I'll be the bigger person and go to your thread too : )

pipita said...


See what a caballero I am. Now we are equal señorita...Im moving out of my beloved Palermo, not Martín off course jejeje, moving into the Belgrano area, near barrancas so not that far away from you. Botanico was my area, where about do you live??? Ive actually got the Ole, tell me the page number so I can avoid getting into the site

paulita said...

pipita I wouldn't expect less from you :)

isn't that side of the city under water?
I'm close to Plaza Coronel Diaz.

I don't know the page but the title is 'ahora atajate esta, river'.

pipita said...


Ahhhhh fijate vos, plaza Coronel Díaz, we were practically neighbours then. As for the Belgrano area Im moving into, Im on a road that is just before the "barranca", so I hope its not inundated at the moment. Sorry, I have the monday edition of Ole, just realized. All the same, dont think I want to check out that Bostero rant

pipita said...

Paulita fair is fair. Ive copied your comments on my remarks about el mellizo below this, so I dont take advantage in my thread. Im a caballero again. I agree that el melli has become more popular since he has been sent to the bench. Also that he has proved a great player for you bosteros but I think he is essencially a "consumo local" player, I doubt if he would have succeeded in Europe. Must confess that I absolutely detest his arrogance, provocation and constant "chicaneadas", ad also think he should be more of a gimnasia fan than Palermo a pincha
I agree ex neighbour.
the display of affection towards guille is really impressive.
I think it started quite randomly, people chanting for him, saluting him on the bench, and then it sort of mounted up. but there are many aspects of guillermo that have helped build that myth: never leaving boca and that time being the most succesful in the history of the club, his 'picardia', his timely appearances in clasicos. palermo spent some time abroad and in all honesty I wish he wouldn't constantly remark that he supports estudiantes (guillermo has been somehow quiter about gimnasia). and riquelme has been away too long (hopefully not anymore :))
you won't believe this but I think that what has helped him the most is the fact that he isn't playing. he is not the explosive player that he used to be but we (luckily) don't get to see his slow decline.

BlueinBetis said...

Obi Mikel is 19, I know how old Riquelme is; because I admit it, I cheated on Championship Manager. Oh the shame. I went in and changed his favourite club from Boca to Chelsea, leaving Boca as his second, and then proceeded to court him for half a year, bought him, and won the facking lot for three seasons in a row!!!

(He then said that he wanted more money, so I sold him to Barca for sixty millions of your English pounds and built a new stadium, before finally overhauling Liverpool in 2027 and Real Madrid in 2030ish, without Roman Abramovich I hasten to add... Juan Roman Riquelme, best number 10 Chelsea have (n)ever had!

Jon Obi(Wan Kenobi) Mikel, a master in training, with Yoda Mourinho.

marcela said...

great story, blueinbetis... the future of chelsea with ramon and no roman... lurve it!

BlueinBetis said...


Where have you been?

We've had to endure a week of "we're the best football nation in the universe" plus a rather sad story from Sid, 'bout how bad Betis are....

Help me please,

(the Ghanaian football thingy is coming, I pwomise)

Tell me you've got something nice in the pipeline.

Speaktruth said...

Hola Paulita,

Truly the worst timing since Paul Scholes attempted a tackle, by me

I should learn my way round ebren's den better.

Another classico piece. And to think of your reluctance to write before when you clearly have so much descriptive elegance in your writing.

I love the bits where you allude to tension and anxities. I am sure last word is spelt incorrectly.

Not even an attempt by me on the rise and rise of the gum chewer. Leading me to confirm that I am no writer. But you could take Marcela's job at this rate.

(only kidding Marcela. One day I will join you for coffee marcela)

if I can ever get my timing right on here.

Ms Purist,

I guess Messi is now bigger than Roman?

does not Messi feel a sense of loss for not playing for Boca or River??

surely all top Argentinian players need to experience the sensations?

Amazingly, I am not yet a fan of messi. I dont know why but I think he is hyped. I guess I can say this here with a limited audience (probably audience of 1, me:)

I still dont yet feel much about his desires as a team player.

Just dont know what this player will evolve into. Assuming he will not score Getafe goals every week.

The classico goals were very special by the way. More so River's. Any news on how arsenal and Newells Old Boys?

I read somewhere the a ref booked the entire team, including substitutes for over celebrating a winning goal which brought to an end their 14 games without a win.

I hope this weekend is filled with beautiful news.

Speaktruth said...

Hola Paulita,

Truly the worst timing since Paul Scholes attempted a tackle, by me

I should learn my way round ebren's den better.

Another classico piece. And to think of your reluctance to write before when you clearly have so much descriptive elegance in your writing.

I love the bits where you allude to tension and anxities. I am sure last word is spelt incorrectly.

Not even an attempt by me on the rise and rise of the gum chewer. Leading me to confirm that I am no writer. But you could take Marcela's job at this rate.

(only kidding Marcela. One day I will join you for coffee marcela)

if I can ever get my timing right on here.

Ms Purist,

I guess Messi is now bigger than Roman?

does not Messi feel a sense of loss for not playing for Boca or River??

surely all top Argentinian players need to experience the sensations?

Amazingly, I am not yet a fan of messi. I dont know why but I think he is hyped. I guess I can say this here with a limited audience (probably audience of 1, me:)

I still dont yet feel much about his desires as a team player.

Just dont know what this player will evolve into. Assuming he will not score Getafe goals every week.

The classico goals were very special by the way. More so River's. Any news on how arsenal and Newells Old Boys?

I read somewhere the a ref booked the entire team, including substitutes for over celebrating a winning goal which brought to an end their 14 games without a win.

I hope this weekend is filled with beautiful news.

paulita said...

mr purist

I don't know were you are when you are needed, really :)

messi bigger than roman? are you crazy? messi could have done somersaults and pirouettes in his running and I would still like roman better.

I believe messi was hyped too. he received far too many praises before having the chance to show how good he really was. but right now I found him one of the most exciting players. I think the 3 goals against real madrid say something.
he says he wants to come play in argentina at some point (he supports newell's old boys).
it might make things easier for him not being identified with boca or river.
I guess it is rare that a footballer so skillfull that only looks at the floor can have a clear vision of the game. he is not that kind of player and maybe he doesn't need to be.

Speaktruth said...

Ms Purist,

The gum chewers boys are stumblimg.

Yet again, you express this very clearly - "only looks at the floor"
That exactly what I mean.

I like players like Roman who you know can see the big picture. I rememeber a real madrid game and Zidane was stationed on the right wing just ahead of his full back.

He played this pass on the ground which went beyond all the oposing midfielders to Roberto Carlos on the other wing to run onto on the halfway line.

That's what I call seeing the whole picture.

That said maybe Messi is more a C. Ronaldo type of player; speed and tricks.

Did you see the debate about female commentators?

are there any for the Classico??

The gumchewers boys were careless yesterday and perhaps deserved to lose.

paulita said...

I love that kind of player also. but still I can get excited by some of messi's moves (and get annoyed when he tries to gambetear a whole team).

I saw the gumchewers. I got a bit nervous until I remembered I don't support ManU :)

no, there are no female commentators...

Speaktruth said...


Surely, u MUST support manU? :-)

In that game,when you see certain things in a game, you know the timing is not there. That was the game yesterday.

For me its simple, they have everything ahead of them to prevail.

if they dont, then they are not good enough.

OK I am harsh on Messi. He is young and has great skills and speed and seemingly temprement. Best I judge him on his own merits.

can a female commentator successfully do the classico do u think?

paulita said...

gumchewers and purists are in peace again...

I'd like manU to win the CL in case Boca wins the Libertadores cup and they would meet in Tokyo :)

I've never heard a female commentator. there are some female journalists now on sports channels. clasicos have been commentated by the same journalist for a long long time (he must be a 108). I guess there must be some women apt for the job, no?

Speaktruth said...

We are indeed :-)

As if dictated by the gods.

I have just returned to the news. Pleasing and should serve as a wake up call for the gum chewers boys :-)

Female commentators:

I was just wondering cos there was one of TV yesterday. I didnt hear/see game.

I was wondering about the differences.....and I thought mayb the passion in conveying game etc I dunno.

would be funny to imagine a woman doing a boca v River game, as I think they will have to shout a lot like a fat old man :-)

I was wondering about this. whether this would be good in cup final etc.

but you know this is a dangerous subject :-)

Speaktruth said...

Tonight is Villareal v Barca.

I think R.Pires will start, so should be good to watch.

Also to see Roman's replacement :-)

Saw a little of real madrid yesterday. Then you realise that Beckham still plays for em.

Higuain still looked lost, Gago was more prominent with some good passing.

But for that team, it is still souless.

paulita said...

my timing has got worse.

where was that female commentator debate that have you so worried? :)
(why is it a dangerous subject?)

tell me about villarreal - barca, I know it was 2 - 0 but that's all, no tv this weekend for barcelona or madrid (I thought higuain was injured?)

roman's replacement? that's generous from you.

Speaktruth said...

Yeah, Timing is a problem.

Villr v Barca

Good game.

This was like the old Villr. Pires did a fine job as Roman. but mayb more advanced.

He scored the opening goal running on to a through ball and placed it past the diving keeper. Then late on with barca in search of parity, they get careless and marcos scores with shot from edge of area that left barca with stunned faces 2-0.

Barca played well, but they also played like arsenal. Lots of sharp, passing and moves. Even a few one on ones with keeper, but they could not score. Messi was ok, but their timing in front of goal was not so good.

Pires had a great game.

So did Pascal Cygan at the back. both ex Arsenal and french.

Overall not a bad weekends action.

And sevilla also beat athl Bib 4 - 1.

I just hope R. Madrid dont win la liga.

Hows that for a comprehensive report :-).

Female Commentator was on the blogs. The debate was about the first woman to commentate on a game that was on bbc on sat night.

so there was a debate on blogs about this. But its one of those things that people can make accusations of sexism etc

so i started to think about female football commentators and whether it would sound right.

Then I try to imagine one for the classico shouting Goooooooooooal...

Would that sound right etc.

Higuain looked injured.

paulita said...

wow, thanks. you could be my personal football update :)

you only missed how was matias fernandez?

don't worry I'm not dangerous unless you mess with roman :)

in arg, I think in Eng also, there is one who relates the game and the other gives opinions. what didi that women do?

Speaktruth said...

Fetnandez did not play. I think he is injured like all Villr key attackers this year.

I am your personal football update :-)

The woman related the game.

paulita said...

no, that I wouldn't like, the other role I guess would be fine. I would make a great commentator (the opinion role), of course in spanish and not in clasicos, because I have trouble watching, singing, concentrating, breathing, opinating...

(I'm not proud of what follows)

I wish villarreal the worst of lucks, they should sink and go back to 2da division.
you talk about the gods, but do you tal with the gods? maybe you could arrenge something? :)

Speaktruth said...

Ha Ha

U r crazy,

In anycase they are too good for this. and now they have key players like Pires returning.

I am surprised that wenger let him leave. Although maybe he wanted to leave cos I am sure his wife is spanish.

Ha! ha!

for you to commentate on the clasicos and gasp for air/nreath at the same time.

In anycase you cant, cos u r biased :-).

But yeah, so here in england we now have a woman relating the game and it does not feel right.

paulita said...

me? biased??? when?

I've tried to talk with the gods myself. they said they would get back to me as soon as possible.
I don't think they will.

in that debate, did they say the same as you?

paulita said...

'they are too good now' is debatable (at least)

paulita said...

talking about wives, do you know something about crespo going back to chelsea? his italian wife can't be happy about mourinho's words

Speaktruth said...

The gods will never answer you to commit evil :-)

On Boca matters, you are never biased.

If Roman has a bad game, you will say he has had a bad game. Right??

Problem is, Roman doesn't have bad games. Right? :-)

On the debate, No

Not that I was involved in the debate. but everybody has to say its ok otherwise you get accused.

Women's rights are everything
To be seen/heard to champion this is everything.

So its not a climate for another voice.

paulita said...

so there was no debate.
woman's right are not about that, I think.

it's not evil, it's fair. no flags, no chants asking for roman. if you saw him play right now, you'd see how happier he is.

I can be objective with his performances, honestly. for example, I didn't like his world cup much. of course I also blame pekerman for his position and some other tactic dispositions (I hope that's a word).

paulita said...

I take you didn't ask the gods anything referring to chelsea?

Speaktruth said...

They made special exception for chelsea ;-).

So even with Roman u r not biased?

I think you need to read the debate late last week on GU.

Anyway I have to sleep, as I have a very hectic day ahead tomorrow. Or even later today (Crikey!!)

We shall have to prepare some special instructions for the gods about Tuesday.

should be fun :)

paulita said...


have a good day.

I'll remember on tuesday that I don't support Man u!!

Speaktruth said...


But then you do.

Have a fine day too.

paulita said...

mr truth

'messi has to be better than he is. and being better doesn't consist in scoring a more 'stratospheric' goal but in making better the ones around you. in a way messi's case reminds me of the one of ivan de la peña. everyone asked him to give that last pass. the definitive. the one that is half goal.
my obsession with ivan was always the same. of 10 balls you touch, play 9 easy and save one, 2 tops, to surprise. never the other way round because you lose capacity to surprise (...) don't abuse individual action, rely more in team play'

Speaktruth said...


What a Quote?!

What a game?!

That quote pretty much sums up my sentiments on that issue.

Mixed feeling on the gum chewers boys.

There was a chance to bury this is Milan side. They could and should have scored more.

Its all still in the gift of the gods :-)

Speaktruth said...

"my obsession with ivan was always the same. of 10 balls you touch, play 9 easy and save one, 2 tops, to surprise. never the other way round because you lose capacity to surprise (...) don't abuse individual action, rely more in team play'


It truly sums up my philosphy and that's why ZZ and Roman are special players

Like u say, timing.

paulita said...

this one is my fault. I've been late for everything today!

GREAT game, except for that crash between heinze and evra.
3-2 is not that bad.
maybe you could tell the gods to pass cruyff's words to ronaldo ?

Speaktruth said...

I am sure Ronaldo is told these words everyday.

However yesterday was not his most effective. but its ok. I am sure he will be more decisive in the san siro.

Great game.

I need to watch the whole game again, without tension.

I am sure today's game is not for the purist.

paulita said...

you? tension?

now I laugh!

Speaktruth said...

Ms Purist

Indeed me with tension.

More anxiety, like:

PASS HERE!! PASS THERE!! to the left! to the right! SHOOT!!

That kind of tension.

I was very rational when they scored 2

"ok its only 2 goals, its only half time, u can score 5 in the 2nd half"

That kind of rational thought.

Did you jump up for the winner?
c'mon admit it :-)

u r a man u fan afterall :-)

Tonight will be an anti climax for sure.

paulita said...

nono I'm not a manU fan, they dress in red and white, that's forbidden in my religion :)
besides I can't afford to suffer more tension!!

I didn't jump in the third goal but calmly stand up :)
I'm not a huuuuge fan of rooney but to win anything you need that kind of player who can save you in the minute 120.

I thought you were one of those who were asking for ferguson's autograph.

paulita said...

don't be so pessimist for tonight / this afternoon

Speaktruth said...

"I thought you were one of those who were asking for ferguson's autograph"


I dont believe in autographs. although I may make an exception for the gum chewers.

I see a lot of players socially (in clubs etc) not worth the scrap of paper unless of course its ZZ in which case:

Even I am unsure how I would react.

You are right there is no reason to be pessimistic about tonight or this afternoon for you.

Do you have a problem to watch these european games during the week??

Afternoon seems like a strange time to watch football.

(or maybe its just my London, hard working mind :-)

Speaktruth said...

I am not sure I can get them to play in blue :-)

paulita said...

alright, you would've been the one shaking his hand.

to watch them live can be difficult, but they repeat them at night. and since libertadores cup is being played right now, at night you might have 3/4 interesting games to watch... so yes, it's difficult.
for me, I can usually organize things to be able to watch them in the afternoon.
it must be my lazy southamerican mind :)

pd: you would bow and kiss ZZ's feet if you weren't hypnotized.

paulita said...

blue with no gold stripe?

Speaktruth said...

Lazy southamerican??

I thought it was just the spanish :-)))

I am not sure I will get to ZZ feet without passing out.

So you are watching a lot of games everyday?

This must be unique for a woman or is this normal or r u just the one in a million crazy football mad female??

Blue, no gold stipe. Got it.


paulita said...

haha you're a very powerfull purist.

no, mr truth, nothing crazy with me, that's what the doctor said :)
I don't watch millions of games, I just watch the important ones and bits of the others.

it always surprises me when they start singing argentina for heize, is he highly rated over there?

ps: have you seen the fuss these days about enzo zidane?

Speaktruth said...

Ms Purist

Heinze is loved by Manchester fans

In fact he is now seen as very critical for the remaining games.

And always when he has made a big tackle , the crowd would chant "Argentina! Argentina!" (which kinda gives you goose bumps. He is a great ambassador for Argentina)

Earlier when he did make the team, cos of Evra, it looked like he would go to Milan or such like.

But now he is a central figure and loved. He is a great tackler and distributor I like his style.

What has happened with enzo zidane??

has he won a world cup?

paulita said...

I like heinze when he plays for manU, not so much when he plays for arg. anyway, he's of that kind that makes fans feel safe only by their presense on the field (I think).

enzo has appeared in many spanish and argentine newspapers because of his 'already impressive skills'. he said 'my father has taught me some tricks'

Speaktruth said...

How old is zz jnr?

It will take more than tricks to be as good.

why not heinze for argentina?

another river issue??

paulita said...

enzo is 11.

no river issue (there's never been one!), he comes from newell's.
my football vocabulary is very poor to explain this but since it's only you around...
in arg he has usually played as centre back, giving many penalties, always booked, constantly loosing his mark and unable to show as you say his distributor skills.
as a full back I think is a completely different story.

no need to choose between kaka and ronaldo? that's very purist :)

Speaktruth said...

He came from Newells?

I like him even better.

He plays like you describe. But I am sure as you know, he is more dependable now

watching the chelsea v Liverpool game. Its meeting all expectations (low)

a purist has to love them both :)

paulita said...

ok so you were right about being pessimistic

Speaktruth said...

That was a shocking exhibition of football.

I wanted to look away.

I felt embarrased that the whole world saw that.

I feel I need to cleanse myself of that game.

paulita said...


don't worry, yo know at least that next leg won't be as bad. it can't get worse :)

Speaktruth said...

Dont be sure it cant get anyworse.

Crouch could start.

Then they will just use the keepers to propel the ball in that direction, all game.

They should toss a coin and spare the nation.

paulita said...

so this is the angry purist?

offside said...

I'm so glad you two found this little corner of the web for your purists discussions. I enjoyed reading it :)

Forza Enzo! (you know who he's named after, of course?)

Speaktruth said...

Jeeeez Offside,

Sometimes I just forget to close the door or draw the curtains :)

Ms Purist,

Not angry at all, just dissappointed at the lack of quality. But I guess we all expected this.

Speaktruth said...


paulita said...

I had the feeling that someone was looking on from the quiet... I thought it was ebren though.

el principe was/is huge here.

Anonymous said...


kempes commentates the games for latin america, he kept saying 'boys keep the ball on the ground'

Speaktruth said...


How/what kind of feeling did you have?

Did you see/feel shadows lurking?? :-)

Or did they leave tell-tale finger/foot prints?

who is annonymous??

Another intruder??

paulita said...

shhhh don't name the shadows, that's when they choose to appear

I'm anonymous!

I don't get along with computers, specially not in the morning :)

Speaktruth said...


I thought it was an intruder.

I was already reaching for my AK-47

so how did you feel another presence??

I am curious.

paulita said...

the ethyl, anxious, breathing gave him away

Speaktruth said...

Ha! Ha!

I was just curious to know how you could feel another presence.

Maybe its time for us to find a new home :)

when is your next writing/article??

paulita said...

no writing from me in the forseeable future...
what about you?

Speaktruth said...

What about me??

I have no writing habits to speak of.

You on the hand, have just started :)

You must maintain your habit. Then you can write for GU as the south american correspondent :)

paulita said...

then what was all that 'I'm writing on fergie's genius'?? purists don't lie.

I have just started and finished :)

Speaktruth said...

Maybe, Maybe

With all the time in world.

Maybe fergie :-)

I think Sevilla are on telly this evening. Maybe I will watch that or....go out.

what do u think Ms Purist?

paulita said...


I can't join you in either tough, I have Boca tonight.

Speaktruth said...

dont worry I will enjoy it for you :-)


Boca on a Thurs??

Is it a cup game?

will Roman be rested??

paulita said...

libertadores cup.
no rest for roman, he'd better be on one of those days because otherwise it might be 'game over' for boca.

it's your london hardworking mind what's rested tonight :)

Speaktruth said...

Aah Copa de Libertedores (I spelt this myself)

Like our champions league right??

Are Boca playing a Meeelan or a FC Kopenhagen??


My londonhardworking does need a rest and maybe tonight is the night.

paulita said...

then go out. I can give you the update :)

boca plays bolivar from bolivia, who you could possibly beat with your friends. except if you go to their ground which is at 3.600 mts of altitude (that is very close to the moon).

Speaktruth said...

Ha! Ha!

We could probably beat Bolivar on the moon too :-)

(Just kidding)

I wonder how much of an advantage they get with their home legs cos of being close to the moon?

I guess it was a training exercise for Boca?

offside said...

I hope I'm not a sinister presence. I'm just nipping in and out to check how close you two are getting to absolute purity.

Hope you don't mind...

Speaktruth said...

Sure thing offside

I get a key cut for you.

paulita said...

boca 7 - bolivar 0

men of the match: juan roman

buenos aires: sunny

paulita: happy happy happy

what about the purist's night? not so pure?

Speaktruth said...

Mr Purist's night was ok :)

watched the Sevilla game with some non footballing friends who talked through the game.

A Lot of relaxation and no stress.

7 - 0 ??

Did you chant:

"r u Roma in disguise"


Its always sunny in Buenos Aires. I assume

sunny in London too.

well.....cloudy with a little sun sometimes :-).

I tell a lie, looking out of my 15th floor skyscraper office window, ITS PURE SUNSHINE!! and the birds are singing. :)

Speaktruth: Content and looking forward to weekend of pleasures.

Speaktruth said...

ok its the 2nd floor and its not even a skyscraper :-)

We have so few off these in London.

paulita said...

hey purist

at one point boca just stopped playing, forwards were taking out to rest and then roman, who received a huuuge (and deserved)ovation.

B.A. isn't always sunny, in fact we've had mostly rain these last weeks.

are you singing along with the birds? :)

I wasn't able to watch sevilla, not even go to the field...
I woke up late 1 day and since then I've been left behind, late for everything.

paulita said...


you're in a basement, aren't you?

Speaktruth said...

"you're in a basement, aren't you?"


Yes :-(

paulita said...

and it's raining cats and dogs :)

paulita said...

and your name is not speaktruth!

Speaktruth said...


Its sunny.

if u were here, u'd think u r in BA.

Its pure sunshine

we are benefitting from global warming, climate changing...:-)

Speaktruth said...

And I am the biggest speaker of truth in the whole wide world :-)

Speaktruth said...

And I dont like football :)

paulita said...

now I just can't keep my mind off the fact that offside might be watching ;)

Speaktruth said...

Not, might be, is watching.

we have to relocate.

I have, in the meantime, engaged the services of a pack of snarling hounds.

Next time he drops by, he will have a nasty surprise :)

Oh Yeah!...The hounds'll fix him real good. :-))

paulita said...


yeah, relocation.

I have a boxer but he is utterly useless. specially if offside brings sweets with him...

Speaktruth said...


I think Boxers just like to look pretty...not much more.

They are no good for chewing trouser legs and general growling duties :-)

Cool breed nonetheless

paulita said...

absolutely no growling, but he sure looks pretty!
he'll salute everyone with his moving tail and if you give him sweets, well then he is yours :)

on another note, has mourinho angered the godfather?
I didn't read any comment from you about him being fergie's successor?

Speaktruth said...

"I didn't read any comment from you about him being fergie's successor?"




Not with his interpretation of the game.

I am currently being abused by Chelsea fans on the GU blog for saying their football is dull.

Mourinho is a winner, but he has no style and is a control freak who probably dictates every detail about how his team plays. No freedom of expression, no beauty, no fantasy.

paulita said...

I've seen a bit.
that's what we call here tactitians vs technitians (I admit I openly invented those translation)

does this mean that you like chelsea even less than arsenal?

I've posted somewhere sometime that in many aspects I think liverpool is even worse...

Speaktruth said...

Yeah, Liverpool can be worse

But chelsea on Wed, Jeez it was painful like a toothache.

I dont mind Arsenal, what I dont like its the fans and media interpretation of Arsenal.

My office day is over, I will be logged on later from home (defintely not a skyscraper :).

I just think we their resources, sometimes Chelsea need to try better/harder.

paulita said...

"is a control freak who probably dictates every detail about how his team plays. No freedom of expression, no beauty, no fantasy."

you and I speak the same language :)

offside said...

I always carry sweets with me, just in case.

paulita said...

those hounds are no better than my pretty boxer

Speaktruth said...


My fault Paulita.

I forgot to release the hounds.

They had been starved and ready for growling duties, I just forgot to release them :(

Offside wont be so lucky next time.

paulita said...

poor sweet carlitos...
he is innocent!

Speaktruth said...


The hammers boy?

Gum chewers boys at war. Again.


Every team they encounter from now on will play like Real Madrid (The good old version :)

Another sunny day.

Pressures to be outside by the river for a bbq. I know I will be late for sure.

The gods must deliver victory.


just heard the russians are ahead.


Speaktruth said...


Time for the river :)

paulita said...

carlitos el apache tevez, hammer boy, yes.

we don't get any premiership this weekend, they are showing tennis for god's sake!

I read the gods are still on your side :)

pressures to be 'outside by the river for a bbq'. shame on your executioner for forcing you into such horrible punishment :)

Speaktruth said...

The gods are indeed in the red corner.

Made the day by the river, even better :)

Non-football people though, so the spring in my step meant absolutely nothing to them.

Anyway, since when did I become a red??

I am a neutral purist :)

A lot of blue tears :) Have to watch match of the dsy tonight.

My executioners were kind :-)

paulita said...

you've become a red a long time ago, shyly.

first you admired their style and praised them,
then you fell for their spirit and praised them more,
and when you heard yourself prasing them you were already part of that spirit :)

ps: the funniest image of the day was fergie skipping and hugging ronaldo and carrick, who were giving their back to the camera but from the nape of their necks you could tell that they were nervously smiling.

Speaktruth said...


You are right about my red conversion. That must be the only explanation.

That said there is also a lot of neutral support for Man u.

Another fine day...

On the gum chewer.

I guess he does get excited when his team finally start to put things right.

Its like the team have to start from a negative position to get the motivation.

Meeelan when they check the results from the weekend, will draw in a sharp nervous intake of breath.

Wed will be great.

offside said...

It's not my fault, dogs like me. Even hounds of war.

paulita said...

that's it. I'm training boris the boxer for the job.


you're laughing in jajas?

apparently also neutral support from the south of the world. last week, a poll in OLE (sports newspaper) said 'who will win the champion's league?' fiftysomething % for manU.

it looks like I'm going to have a lazy wednesday...

Speaktruth said...

ok. Offside has to be.."taken out"

(And I dont mean to a pizza parlour :-))

The whole world loves Man U

Particularly purists :-)

Lazy wednesday??

How about Lazy Sunday?? :-)


Just to relax and read about Chelsea's shrinking quadruple :-))

Is your boxer really called Boris?

Speaktruth said...



Is this how u say it??

paulita said...

'taken out'? how godfatherly of you :)

big teams usually cause division, you love them or you hate them just for being big.

alright, you've convinced me, I'll be lazy from monday to monday.

ps: yes, my boxer answers to the name of Boris and yes, we say jaja.

Speaktruth said...

"taken out"

I am only kidding.

I wish him no harm :)

Mon - Mon is too long to be lazy.

Today is a good lazy day though, sunshine, garden, birds singing, football :)

why Boris?

does this name have a meaning in Argentina?

paulita said...

you just love the singing birds :)

today is it la liga?

no special meaning but he looks like a boris, really.

Speaktruth said...

There are a lot of singing birds in my garden. Honest :)

Allardyce (if you know him) has resigned as manager of Bolton. (I think he wants to go higher)

His last act was to slay Chelsea (ha!ha!)

I think there is la liga today, cos I think only Valencia played yesterday.

I think barca and madrid today??

in fact it might even be madrid v sevilla.

I will check.

I like sevilla and Seville is my favourite spanish city. Lots of flamenco, which I also love :)

I think arsenal are playing and have scored The Beast.

paulita said...

bolton was your suggested destination for juan roman.

you're no better than me. you enjoy chelsea's decay as eagerly as you enjoy manU's high!

sevilla vs espanyol
barca vs levante
athletic vs real madrid

you love flamenco? I did not see that one coming

Speahtruth said...

"you love flamenco? I did not see that one coming"


Was in Seville on assignment (work) for 7 days, a couple of years ago or so. I explored the city and found this great Bar run by this lady who did Flamenco once everyone had a drink and was settled.

A great bar to be in and I dont even speak spanish. (Only a ask for help:) my Italian is better)

I have a lot of CD's and play it a lot and everyone keeps asking me why??....but they would never get it :-)

Just as well Roman did not go to Bolton. Its important for Roman to always be sure that a coach loves him.

Of course I enjoy Chelsea's decay.

In fact I did not mind chelsea until JM started making a lot of noise then I watched them against liverpool and you know how that made me feel.

I think Arsenal have scored again.

paulita said...

first half of sevilla 0 - espanyol 0

flamenco is very 'in' in argentina these days, many bars and dance lessons everywhere. I'm no expert but I love diego el cigala (specially his work with chucho valdes).

'Its important for Roman to always be sure that a coach loves him' yes!!! I've come to the conclusion that roman will never play anywhere like he plays in boca, not in europe and neither in the national team.
the day of the clasico he hurried and begged for a teammate's shirt (the one I said the biggest boca's idol of the last decade).
an authentic bostero :)

io parlo solo uno po' :)

paulita said...

sevilla 2 - espanyol 0

paulita said...

sevilla 2 - espanyol 1

do you have your tv on?

Speaktruth said...

Flemenco in Argentina?

I never made that connection, strangly.

Although Argentina always seemed about bulls and beef :)

"io parlo solo uno po' "

English?? :-)

You think Roman has the blue in his blood??

Maybe Chelsea then :-))

Speaktruth said...


Yes, but it is not in view.

I can hear it and the Arsenal game is on.

The spanish games I think will be on the evening

(I better check this :)

Speaktruth said...

No la liga

Just Arsenal

and they have just conceded and equaliser.

They are....(better not say anything :)

paulita said...


flamenco in arg?
yes, bs as (specially) received a lot of inmigration from spain (and italy). now it's the othwer way round though.

your italian is worst than mine then :)

sevilla 3 espanyol 1

roman comes from a family of bosteros also. when he was very young, river tried to purchase him and his family said 'it's a pity we won't be able to go and see you play ever again'.
no chelsea, roman could never play under the despostism of JM :)

paulita said...

you have to like something about arsenal.

Speaktruth said...

Like Arsenal??........No.

I only speak and understand little italian, not to write or read. I use this for when I go to Italy, cos I have some friends in milan.

thought you said you only speak one, then I thought you meant you only speak a little??

Anyway, sevilla game maybe on later. Although I planned to do some light work this eve.

paulita said...

you like absolutely nothing about arsenal? nothing at all?

I said I speak a little, which isn't entirely true.. I can hardly speak, though I understand.

milan non footballing friends?

work? I was gonna invite you to a boca - racing game :)

Speaktruth said...


Maybe their football, before they get to the penalty area :-)

milan, non footballing?

My main friend is not a huge fan, but he is a Milan fan. One of the other guys is a mad Inter and Aston villa for some strange reason.

He made me buy and bring a villa shirt on one of my trips. strange.

It was embarrasing enough to go into a shop and buy this shirt
(or did I get someone else to go buy it for me?? :-)

Boca v Racing, I know little about Racing. Any of their player you think would catch my eye and my admiration??

mayb I will join you at half time :-)

paulita said...

jaja (now I can laugh in spanish)

maybe you could ask your inter friend if he can give us back burdisso? we are in need of a good 2.

racing until last week had the most anti-football coach who nonetheless had credit with the fans (he performed the exploit of making them champions after 30 dry years). today there might be some chaos and it might not be as bad :)
your eyes would be captured by roman, you can't help it.
it's said that they have a good prospect of a 10 (moralez) but I'm not sure. I think piojo lopez will be in the bench, luckily for racing fans :).

why am I saying all this? and who am I saying it to? :)

I'm late.

Speaktruth said...

piojo lopez plays for racing??

He was fierce at Valencia and then lost his soul at Lazio.

who r u sayin this 2??


offside said...

You can't take offside out of the blogging, and you certainly can't take the blogging out of offside.

No matter how big your boxers, dobermans, or alsatians.

offside said...

Robert Pires Interview:

Can you read French?

Speaktruth said...

Thanks offside

My french reading is no good.

Nor my ability to find good guard dogs :-)

paulita said...

mr purist

piojo lopez doesn't play much. he still can't find his soul (if he ever had one) :)

boca 2 - racing 2


I can't read, write or speak french. I can do the accent tough.

Speaktruth said...

Hola Ms Purist,

How r u?

Some crazy penalty fouls

Is 2 - 2 a good score??

I guess not, especially at home.

Another sunny day in London town :)

Anonymous said...


you're getting very latino :)

also sunny in Buenos Aires but it smells of storm...

I didn't watch the first penalty that palermo missed (ok I looked through the gaps between the fingers in my face) because the foul was so clearly outside that he could only miss it.

bad score.
roman was having a great game, he plays much more freely in boca, also more advanced. but the coach took him out with 15 minutes to go, supposedly to rest him for wed, and a defensive midfielder was in.
football gods don't like that (they were already upset because of the invented penalties). boca immediatly lost the ball and racing equalised.

*boca's coach is to be hanged at dawn at the public square.

paulita said...

I don't get along with computers in the morning or on mondays :)

Speaktruth said...

I love the smell of storms in tropical countries. (I think Argentina is tropical??)

I have already done most of my monday. Its not so bad :)

Everyone here also hates Mondays, but I dont mind.

so every morning post is anonymous?? :)

Of course it was not a penalty ;-)

So everytime Roman is removed from a game, his team lose the advantage?? (he must be god:)

paulita said...

arg is not tropical. yet.
damned global warming...

if you could only see this games, I wouldn't seem so biased and fanatic :)

boca is a team with holes and riquelme holds the whole team together.

it's such a pleasure to watch...
I'm smiling just by remembering

yeah, mondays aren't that bad :)

paulita said...

before I forget, señor purist, next world cup might be in england???

offside said...

Your dogs are silly, cuddly things.

Pires was saying he is very very happy at Villareal (in a nutshell).

Still the middle of monday here. I'll be watching Liverpool - Chelsea with my tuesday breakfast. Still have to find someone with Canal+ for wednesday, otherwise I'll miss it.

paulita said...


you impress me, you're everywhere

Speaktruth said...

Senorita Purist

Never mind offside's impressive presence.

Release the hounds!! :)

England for 2010??

At least this will spare the anguish of trying to qualify. Will you be attending??
(subject to qualification of course :)

Would you like to visit our Queen while you are here??

have u been to england b4?

Tonight is a battle of the donkeys.

Tomorrow is a battle of the Kings.

Will you be posting anonymously this morning?

(Just so I know to expect this and not mistake you for offside and release the hounds :)

paulita said...


the hound threat has really woken me up.

never been to england but if I start swimming now I can be there by 2010 :)

I don't know about the queen, maybe the mischievous guards :)

I trust/hope it won't be that bad today...

Speaktruth said...


Even if you swim, you will get here before they finish the stadiums.

We already have problems with the Olympics and thats in 2012

I guess they could use the theatre of dreams and the other one.....?? Pirates??

Today will be a fine day, well it already is. Its a hot sunny day, I am working from home. (which means I am in the garden with a cool beer :)

And in the evening either blue or red will have tears :)

Ok so u dont like our queen.

paulita said...

that sounds gooooood, in contrast to buenos aires, grey, warm, sticky...

I'll go to the next world cup, wherever it may be, if and only if roman keeps playing his beautiful football :)

but you must cherish a little tiny hope of a not horrible game, no?why would you watch if not?

I'm southamerican, am I not supossed to dislike queens and like revolutions? :)

Speaktruth said...

True, we should have a revolution too.

Roman is not capable of beautiful football for Argentina. You said this.

Tonights game will be good cos u know Liverpool will pound chelsea with all their weapons. (er...)

Chelsea are a strong team, so they will mount a valiant defence and there are a lot of sparks between the managers so now its interesting.

As well as to see who will cry at the end. or moan.

paulita said...

nono I said not as beautiful as in boca...

I fully trust this coach that argentina has now, he's nothing like the previous ones, he's an authentic purist.
and if you heard him speak, you'd know who is the godfather :)

I expect a bit more of emotion for this afternoon and honestly I'm very happy that I won't have to see ballack (not that he attracts a lot of attention when he plays...)

Speaktruth said...

Hey Senorita,

Terrible game.

I think the tears will be red tonight.

paulita said...

blue tears in the end...

it must be so painful to be a chelsea fan right now.
I almost feel bad for them.
I must be softening.

Speaktruth said...

You must be.

And I was wrong with my prediction.

The best result would have been for both of them to be knocked out.

The football was again embarrasing.

Through the gaps of fingers stuff. I felt sorry for the ball.

Chelsea in particular, apart from Makalele were very poor. Even Jose magic touch dissappeared.

I think the gum chewers boys will be pleased.

paulita said...


jose seemed too quite, no? and rafa practised a loto position during the penalties?

liverpool was also terrible. I don't understand why when having a clear possibility of a pass to a teammate they chose to aim the ball to the sky?

why will they be pleased?

Speaktruth said...

If you aim the ball in the sky, no one will blame you for losing possesion even though thats what you do.

Football based on fear of failure.

Can you imagine Liverpool to become european champions??

Horrible thought.

I am sure man u can beat liverpool, if they beat Meelan.

I am not sure Meeelan can beat Liverpool.

Definitely not a night for the purists.

paulita said...

good answer but... but they should be blamed!!!

liverpool european champions? horrible thought indeed.
as horrible as italy world champions.
something is very wrong.

Speaktruth said...

Good point.

Something is very very wrong.

We pray to the gods that in the end football will win.

Any other outcome will destroy beauty and give strength to the beast.

paulita said...

tou tell them (the gods).
I think they live in the northern hemisphere.

and I don't like all this talk and blogs about the genius of benitez and mourinho. I think that when it becomes a battle between the coachs, football looses because footballers are eclipsed (not only in the media but also in what happens on the field).

Speaktruth said...

I will try and send a message to the gods :)

But of course the beast is the coach who stifles individual freedom of expression.

Who denies the players the right to use their own individual qualities to achieve the objective of winning a game.

I will have to send a strong message :)

Speaktruth said...

That blog will run and run, through the night and through the day.

They will probably have to close it down :)

Boca v Liverpool in the Inter-Continental?? :)

paulita said...


while you're talking to them, maybe you could mention a certain blue and gold shirt?

yes, it goes both ways I think, coachs dictating and players obeying (there are many cases of desobedience).

maybe it's just my impression but I think it also goes in detriment of the game, don't you find referees a lot more willing to give fouls when attacking rather when defending? (I hope you know what I mean because it could take me ages to explain that in english)

paulita said...

yes, maybe a good performance by manU would shut it up.

you don't pay much attention over there to the inter continental, no?

Speaktruth said...

I think I know what you mean??

Although I am tempted to ask you to explain this.

Only for my own personal amusement :)

I agree with you about disobedience, but the risk for the individual player is too high...I think.

But still sometimes when playing a game, as far as I know, instinct takes over. You beat a man cos he is front of you. You make a decisive pass without thinking, because that is the sequence of the play.

But at that level is difficult to do unless the whole team are willing to support the efforts.

Even when Robben came on, he could not get into a stride cos the rest of his team were too far away.

If he had gone to Man u as was the original intention, he will get constant super passes to run onto. Then he just has to make quick decisive crosses or shots.

At chelsea they will just destroy his footballing soul. And he went there for the money :)

Speaktruth said...

Not so much here about the inter-continental.

But the winner will always count this as throphies won.

Although I cant even remember if/when an english side last won this.

paulita said...

nono that would overheat my lazy southamerican brain :)

I see your point and I hadn't tought of applying it in one game. I meant the cases of desobedience of walking away of a team

(the best one I know is redondo saying no to the arg national team's coach that tried, and failed, to make it play like holland or something)

paulita said...

I guess it makes sense that for southamerican teams it means much more...

Man U was the last, I think.

paulita said...

man u 1 - 0 palmeiras

Speaktruth said...


I see your point.

But still its easy to do this with the national side than to do this with your club side. After all you want to be able to play games.

I have depart to dreamland :)

Lets hope tomorrow is beautiful day.

And you enjoy, in your lazy southamerican style, the rest of the day :).

Soeaktruth said...

Good work.

Lets hope fortune is on their side tomorrow.

paulita said...

you're right, bad example.
I can't come up with examples in european leagues except one (in our league we've had a few).

and since we are in that subject and inter continental cups:
(actually, it's only me, you are dreaming of fergie in a luminous tunic)

bad quality but good football. the green shirt is palmeiras (final libertadores cup 2000), the white is real madrid (intercontinental 2000). okocha is the one moving around riquelme, figo is the one just looking.

if you happen to be around:
I definitely see martial art (only) in okocha's moves.

offside said...


you don't think Liverpool - Chelsea was martial?

Having said that, your puppies could learn a thing or two about martial art. Can you please ask Boris to stop licking my face when I get here? I've already washed.

paulita said...


maybe martial,
definetely not art.

don't worry, boris has just had his teeth brushed.

paulita said...

at least okocha was dancing around.

Speaktruth said...

Hello Ms Purist

Its an early rise for you

Today is looking beautiful already :)

Are you a Super Pippo lover?

paulita said...

good morning señor purist

(please notice how not anonymous I am)

inzaghi sounds a loooot better than gilardino.

I know you love him,
will your pure heart be divided tonight?

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