Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Bull revives Rafa - PremCorrespondent

Do you ever see people leaving the cinema before the end of the film? The earliest people start to trample on the spilled popcorn (why popcorn?) is when the credits start to roll, but at Arsenal on Saturday, most of the crowd had pushed off by the time clumsy striker Nicklas Bendtner equalised clumsy defender Phillippe Senderos' own goal. With the title on the line and a young team straining against a very decent Villa oufit, why would you say, "What I need now is a look round the Holloway road." London fans eh?

And that equaliser was vital, as Manchester United and Chelsea had long since secured the points against London "opposition", Championship bound Fulham and feeble West Ham (continuing Alan Curbishley's uncanny knack of turning off once relegation is avoided).

It was also a good week for the chasing pack, with Liverpool bagging six points thanks to easy wins over Gary Megson's Bolton (yes, this is the all-star Premier League and I did write Gary Megson's Bolton) and whipping boys West Ham, a tonking distinguished by another Anfield hat-trick from Paris Hilton lookalike, Fernando Torres. Rafa owes his Red Bull plenty this season. Everton had their problems against the gigantic Portsmouth team, but cruised home once Tim Cahill scored and chose to remind us that many Australians have family connections with convicts.

Amongst the halt and the lame, Birmingham shrugged off the hangover of the Eduardo match better than Tottenham shrugged off the hangover of the Carling Cup celebrations to record a 4-1 win thanks to a Dirk Kuyt, sorry, Mikhael Forssel hat-trick. Derby's 0-0 with Sunderland and Manchester City's 0-0 with Wigan were every bit as much fun as they sound, whilst the other two North Eastern clubs lost at home by the odd late goal, Middlesborough to Reading and Newcastle to Blackburn. Don't giggle. It's not funny.

The net effect of all that is... nothing. Arsenal and Man Utd are separated by a point, then there's Chelsea too efficient for fourth, not exciting enough for second, the Merseyside head-to-head for fourth, the celtic managers of Blackburn and Villa fighting for sixth, fading Man City and Portsmouth vying for eighth, and two London clubs stuck in the middle, West Ham and Spurs. At the bottom Derby are long gone and Fulham look doomed, but the fun starts next with four points covering Reading, Bolton, Birmingham, Sunderland, Wigan, Newcastle and Middlesborough. Cock-fighting is banned, but this is the next best thing. Premcorr's tip for the drop? Newcastle!


podgeek said...


andrewm said...

I demand to know what Mouth thinks about the race for fourth place.

podtart said...


MotM said...

Andrewm - I think it's all about Torres. If he stays fit and Rafa plays him, I can't see Liverpool dropping a lot of points. Without him, Liverpool look a bit like Vila or Blackburn - useful, but top half, not top four.

I guess that's why players like Torres cost what they do - worth 10 Mascheranos

Anonymous said...


That's where you're wrong clever cloggs because every goal you prevent is worth every one that you score and Jefecito, who is worth ever penny, will win us fourth place, maybe even 3rd and the derby by winning everything in midfield.

Kinda strange that you and bornblue have been noticeably absent from somewhere since the events of Thursday evening in Tuscany.


forgot my passwod love Brooksie x

Theatre of Wet Dreams said...

Yeh, but that Mascerado is really ugly - pig ugly, like - an our Cristiano is dead bonny, so we're better than both of you Scouser sides
put together.

Ebren said...

ree about the Torres/Buggs Bunny thing, except that Carrick cost £18 mil.

Now I, personally, think he's worth it - but it's still more money than most strikers go for.

MotM said...

Hannibal - Good to see you here.

Mascha has his admirers I know, but a holding, non-scoring midfielder is seldom the difference in tight games - useful over a season, granted.

After Liverpool's run to date, I can't see Everton getting a point more (which is what we will need with the goal difference as it is) if Torres plays most games. If he doesn't, Everton have a chance but we need Manchester United and Arsenal to do us favours and experience shows that if you're relying on others, you lose. Great to have the teams level after 29 games don't you think?

Fiorentina will still have to play very well at Goodison to hold off a team, management and crowd united as one in the cause. Should be a great night - a repeat of the Bayern Munich result all those years ago should do it.

andrewm said...

Mouth, always good to know how you see things - and you too HB. I hope you're right Mouth, but it bothers me that after two decent performances the press seem to think we're challenging for third. Meanwhile, your boys just keep on winning.

I did enjoy the Fiorentina match though. Vieri might want to consider a more sensible haircut at his advanced age.

BannedinBerlin said...

Andrewm - well another fine win for your lot at the weekend - albeit against Newcastle, it would be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on the up and coming head to heads of the big 4

andrewm said...

Liverpool will lose to Man U and draw with Arsenal, making victory in the derby absolutely essential.

greengrass said...

do I need knew specs, or did you write "Liverpool will lose to Man U"?
Is HB informed? Kokomo?
O'Shea to score the winner?

andrewm said...

GG, kokomo and HB are well aware that I don't have a clue what I'm talking about, so I doubt my predictions worry them.

Tevez to score the only goal. It's that simple.

guitougoal said...

what about Torres scoring the only goal?
That's as simple and better don't you think?

andrewm said...

guitou, there are some evil forces so strong that even a great man like Torres can't defeat them.

mimi said...

What views on whether Cardiff, if they win the FA cup should be allowed into Europe?

offside said...

Mimi, get a grip, that's about as likely as Wales doing the Grand Slam in the rugby.

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