Thursday, August 16, 2007

Silly little winker - Premcorrespondent

Twenty thousand people winked at Richard Hughes last night as he used all his foreign guile to wind up Christiano Ronaldo and get him sent off.

In a 1-1 title abdication for United, Pompey were accused of using various sinister tricks to give their opponents a hard time. Christiano Ronaldo got so incensed by the unsporting behaviour that he brushed his head against some one’s nose, while Sulley Muntari went for the more traditional late tackle to earn his early bath.

‘A bit of rain and a physical game’ was all Howard Kendall ever needed to beat Spurs and it seems some things don’t change. The midweek football started at White Hart lane but only one side played as Spurs went home after seeing a tough kick from Stubbs in the warm up. They really never did replace Dave Mackay.

And as reported at the weekend, Jose really does want a more exciting season this year. He let Reading have a one goal lead before two players earning more than the whole town also earned the Champions elect their now not so vital three points.

In the rest of the midweek action, Sven showed with a 1-0 win over Derby that all England needed to win the world cup was to pick some foreigners and play piss poor teams every game.

Soon to be relegated Wigan’s ‘not-so-local boy made good’, Antoine Sibierski, scored a consolation winner against a poor Boro side.

Sunderland proved that fear of the manager does work on modern players. For the second time in two games a last minute goal ensured a blood free dressing room at the end of what turned out to be a 2-2 draw with Birmingham.

And finally Fulham beat Bolton with a winner from Alexi Smertin in the sort of game that desperately needed a Nat Lofthouse or Johnny Haynes to save the crowd from cold and wet multi-million pound dross.

Now I think the Taxi has just pulled up with my takeaway and a big bottle of brandy. That should do till the weekend.


PW75 said...

JM was in cracking form last night. Three substitions at half time and a back three of Cole, Johnson, Ben Haim, later supplemented by SWP at right back.

Nobody but nobody would be so boldly bonkers.

Can David Healy get to double figures from goalkeeping errors? He must be looking forward to the Chelsea game given Cech's flap last night.

alan smythee said...

this is a great roundup Pc, honestly much better than the tired old tosh in the big papers/on the beeb

funny, punchy, interesting, keep 'em coming!

but hoo ar ewe?

Margin said...

As some one at the no one v Everton game, that Howard Kendall comment summed our game up perfect.

In fact when the legendary bobby smith was presented with an honour at half time it was a reminder of how 'hard' spurs were in those days, something that gets forgotten in talk of champagne football.

file said...

fully agree with smythee, great stuff, on the edges of the papers eh?

'a 1-1 title abdication' is a wonderful and stimulating phrase that may come back to haunt...

MotM said...

‘A bit of rain and a physical game’ was all Howard Kendall ever needed to beat Spurs' - Ah, those wonderful nights. Big Nev helped a bit too.

'1-1 title abdication' is inspired stuff.

guitougoal said...

welcome back,
Antoine Sibierski not-so-local boy made good is not-so-local anywhere he goes.
Enjoy your Brandy.

Premcorrespondent said...

Thanks for the praise fellas, but remember, nothing says "we like your work" than an inside tip for the gee gees.

So whats the word for Newbury tomorrow?

milton the bookie said...

# 3 in the 2nd is supposed to be 1st.You can bet the farm on it.

Premcorrespondent said...

You absolute Beauty Milton

My old gaffa always said to bet place on a bookie's tip and sure enough it keeps coming off.

Candle Dane, third in the 2:10

thats a couple of ton I didn't have this morning and won't have again after a celebratory slap up feed.

Emma said...

I love it! Basically exactly what happened on Wednesday night. '1-1 title abdication' is a great line, deserves a place in History of Football books.

I quite enjoyed Cristiano's sending off.

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