Friday, March 2, 2007

The World's Greatest TV Channel - dogfacedboy

Bored of Wild Spirits?

Tired of Thinking Tackle?

Not sure if you can face another Super Sunday?

Can't afford to shell out an extra £15 a month for a Setanta subscription?

Then, my friend, I am afraid that if you like to watch on TV is sport you are quickly running out of options.

Sure, you can watch Six Nations on BBC and Champions League on ITV, you can even watch pre-season friendly tournaments on Five. But what do you do at 3 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon or 10am on a Thursday?

You won't find any badminton highlights on BBC at that time and we all know that Five's exciting package of foreign football doesn't air till gone midnight. Sky Sports will still be showing endless repeats of a golf tournament that ended three days ago or a Superleague game from last Saturday.

After a desultory ten minutes watching Boxing's Greatest KOs on ESPN Classic you might even consider watching World of Sport on TWC Fight!, trust me, don't go there, it's not a pretty place.

Desperately you continue flicking, Real Madrid TV is showing Maths with Beckham, 'that could be interesting' you think. Think again, it's actually worse than watching the subscription screen for MUTV.

Well that's it, only one place left to turn. The haven for the forgotten and the ignored, home of the unloved and the plain boring, champion of the underfunded and unglamorous, the one and only British Eurosport.

From handball to ski jumping via tennis and poker, Eurosport has something for everyone.

Let me tell you, if you haven't yet discovered the joys of handball then change channels now. My only wish is that I had played sport at a county level so that I too might go to the 2012 Olympics as a member of the inaugural Great Britain handball team (,,1970949,00.html).

Watching Viborg HK snatch a last minute 32-31 victory over Larvik HK in the champions' league was more exciting than any Grand Slam Sunday match that I have seen in a long while.

Eurosport also has a few standout highlights if strongman contests aren't your thing. You could have watched Andy Murray in the Australian Open, Welsh Open snooker or the Paris-Dakar rally. If you still fancy some football highlights, then why not watch the enthusiastically named GOALS GOALS GOALS for highlights of anything that Sky or Five don't have the rights too.

Don't be distracted by Lineker, Keys or Barnes, turn over from the horse racing on Channel 4 and give choice a chance.

Sure, it doesn't have many of the big events and you won't be able to watch all 51 Cricket World Cup games exclusively live, yes, even Netherlands v Scotland, but you may discover something that you have never even heard of before and trust me, you never know, you may well like it.


andrewm said...

DFB, "Kelneresque" is a high compliment coming from me.

With that in mind, I thought this article was Kelneresque.

MotM said...

Dogface - I spend time in Sweden and often resort to Scandanavian Eurosport, which is all that and more!

Great stuff - I loved the line about watching the Subscription Screen for MUTV. I remember the days of just BBC 1, 2 and ITV, when only Pebble Mill broke up endless hours of watching that girl and gonk on the Test Card. I should have been canoeing in Tahiti or something I know, but it was the Test Card for me!

Anonymous said...

Don't agree - Eurosport has always been a horrible channel for many reasons. Cheers, Bob

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