Friday, March 2, 2007

So close you can smell it

The latest edition of Big Blogger is out in the next few minutes/hours - and I would just like to remind anyone that didn't make the published three that they can read/post/comment on articles here.

send entries to:

I will put them up over the afternoon.




bluedaddy said...

Ebren, mentioned in dispatches again. They're punishing you mate, the fiends.

Ebren said...


Seriously, this week was good. Damn good. Even if I do say so myself.

Oh well, time to get posting.

pipita said...

Congrats all the same ebren, and dont give up, also to Mouth I assume his article will be also be up here soon

Ebren said...

I don't have it yet - but will be hastling him later.

I have posted the crapper of my two. The other one is the one I thought would make it.

I reckon I can get at least half the hon mentions - and there is something from Marcela that will go on later in the week.

Ho Humm, off to lunch I go.

andrewm said...

Good Christ - all the articles in the world!

I do have to work you know.

Ebren said...

I haven't actually read all of these yet.

Am busy chasing contributers and posting stories.

I plan to kick back tomorrow and do it.

MotM said...

Ebren - seani should interview you for the big paper. You've midwifed a beautiful thing here and I think it's unique in the world - does anyone know of another site spawned in this way with stuff is spectacular as this?

I am looking forward to reading and commenting tonight on every piece - frankly, this is already the highlight of the week!

A slightly sordid point, but the advertisers should be crawling all over you with the material and the guaranteed repeat visits onthis site. I wouldn't mention it, but taking money off companies and sending it to charities seems yet another great opportunity for this site.

Have you a publishing deal yet?

bluedaddy said...

Hey, that ad money is for our jolly to Tahiti MotM!

MotM said...

Have any real sports journoes entered the Big Blogger? Perhaps freelancers at the GU.

I only mention it because if they didn't make an hon mensh, would they feel like that moose in the Woody Allen routine?

Ebren said...

As much as I hate to say it, I am a trained journo. As is Margin (and possibly others).

That said - neither of us write sport (I write about money, and Margin writes about politics).

If I can get the adverts back i will, but I royally cocked them up last time.

The money (if any) goes to a present to seani and Bazza, then charity. Then our canoe trip to Tahiti.

olivier said...

Ebren, Mouth,

a word about your honourable mentions: it's a matter of taste of course, and possible bias, but I don't see any rational reason why they didn't make the podium either week. I'd have them over some of the stuff that was selected, but then again I would also say that a few of the other pieces that ended up here (Doc, godlovesatheists, louisquatorze, pipita, miro). And I would guess some of the stuff we haven't seen is pretty good too. Fact is, the general level is quite impressive and consistently getting honmenshed is a real achievement.

And The main thing is, we got to enjoy your articles anyway. I particularly liked 'Istanbul or bust' and Mouth's 'Blogging as an olympic sport' (mouth, I was this close from doing something like that myself the first week but couldn't find the angle, another one in the side netting).

Well done, lads, and start saving up for that trip to Tahiti.

olivier said...

offsideintahiti said...

Any chance of reading something by Doleywino and FigJam?

MotM said...

Offside - Thanks for the bigging up of the hon menshes. I am so pleased to be in the company of the talent on show here - I did look forward to the frisson of seeing MouthoftheMersey at the tip of the iceberg, but now we've this home, I don't mind whether I please the judges or not.

Even if I never post again, I'll return to this site to read sports writing at least as good as anything I've read elsewhere.

MotM said...

Any readers here slightly surprised to see no comment at all from Sean or any other GU name? It's not that I feel that they are obliged to write something, but I thought that they might throw a view into the ring, give us some spiked pieces or, like Derek Smalls
seizing of centre stage for his "Rock Odyssey", use this as the vehicle for that piece they'd always wanted to write but for which they couldn't find an outlet.

olivier said...


So this is the chat room, then? Or is it the chill room?




MotM said...

Good luck today everyone.

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