Monday, December 8, 2008

Rule Changes in Sport. Carpe Diem - PhilWest

[Editor's note: this was a lot more timely, but I'm rubbish at uploading things at the moment. Don't blame Mr West though]

In this modern era where time is of the essence, some sporting contests just go on for too long. There’s a long unnecessary build-up of tension.

Must we really be forced to watch a tennis match for three hours, an F1 Grand-prix for close to two hours, and darts for three and a half pints?

No. Let’s cut to the chase.

To enable true fans to be able to enjoy their sport and yet also allow them time to email all their friends/work colleagues/partners; update their Facebook page; and drink themselves senseless; I propose the following:

The game starts at 90 – 90 with all players on four fouls. Games to last two minutes. All fouls to the free-throw line. No time-outs.

Best of one. 159-down.

Only play Twenty-20. Assume England have made 113-9. Give the opposition the Duckworth – Lewis target for five overs.

All races to be three laps. Drivers placed on grid in reverse order.

All field events to be reduced to just one round. Track events over 1500m to be abolished.

First punch to the chin wins.

(I thought I’d leave boxing as it is)

Tour de France:
To be decided by the total time over two stages: The first being the top 2km of the “Col de la Forclaz”, and the second being from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe.

Put Tiger on the tee of any hole anywhere. Tell him he needs a birdie to win. If he fails, share the prize-money between everyone else.

Must dash!


bluedaddy said...

Very g.. arggh look at the time! Gotta go.

guitou said...

I have three words only:
Fan tas tique!

MotM said...

Poor choice for the final one. Everyone knows that the rest are beaten as soon as Tiger stands on the first tee - why wait for a hole?

offsideinantibes said...

Hi Phil, I wish I had time to read your piece, looks interesting.

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