Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing the plot - premcorrespondent

The problem with this year's league is you never know which bugger is going to lose next.

Spurs flatter to deceive with a no-show against Everton. Then they go and blow it with a 4-0 win. Newcastle have been busy blowing it for years - but Big Sam's side and the Villains somehow managed not to lose despite both sides deserving to.

Everton make a bold move to reclaim their loser tag, then Middleborough carelessly throw their's away.

Cleaners are still scrubbing the blood from the walls of the visitor’s dressing room at the JJB, limbs torn asunder as Sunderland - the side taking on Udae's Iraq's tag of team most afraid of defeat – somehow blow it against Wigan. They might have been able to claim referee persecution, but, I mean, letting Heskey score against you however offside he is while being unable to breech a defence marshalled by Titus Bramble - that's plain embarrassing.

Thank heaven for Bolton and Birmingham. Little Sam's side seems to be performing about as well as Pele in the bedroom and Brucie's bonus for promotion seems to be going back down again with the rapidity of a star of one of his chairman's quite excellent DVDs.

Lehman's punch lost Arsenal two points, and Tevez proved that spending £50 million on midfielders and strikers and part of football’s soul him still can't buy you a goal against a mediocre Sven side. Even one that persists in taking on General Melched's advice of walking slowly (with a football) towards the enemy’s lines.

As for the Super Sunday Title-Deciding Most Important Game since our 2pm kick off - I think we all know the loser there. Despite a strong challenge from Jose's tie knot and Rafa's beard - the ref lost it. Booking the Blues' entire odious back-four seems fair enough. But then failing to send any of them off? Was he listening to the Kop or not?

It seems the only loser we can properly rely on is me, at the nags, with a fist full of crisp £20 notes.


Ebren said...

To be fair - man u have managed to score a goal this season. A whole one.

Can all the commentators that predicted with Tevez, Nani, and Anderson added on to Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes, Giggs and Saha they would be unplayable please now stick their hands up and accept that they were wrong - and Yes, I am looking at you Williams.

Couple of great lines in their PC.

greengrass said...

As a United fan, I feel that Lord Wrigley should receive a special
award: it was nigh-on impossible to lose against Man City yesterday, but the Blushing Devils managed it.

Sven the Sphinx is a conundrum. He is, of course, guilty of slaughtering the Golden Generation whilst out-performing hordes of previous England managers.

In addition, he did what no other England manager would ever do: he bedded good-looking women.

Bad lad, Sven, bad lad!

MotM said...

Roy Keane as Uday Hussein - they even look alike!

Heskey would improve Man Utd and Arsenal right now.

greengrass said...

Ebren, Mouth -

we shall rise!

The table is a bit of a choker today, but I fear not for United's long-term health.

Ronaldo-Saha-Rooney is a front line that most Prem managers would sell their mothers for - all three, of course, absent at the moment.

I can't see Hargreaves, Carrick and Scholes permanently occupying midfield - 2 of those 3 should be enough for any top side; horses for courses, with Hargreaves and Carrick being the (semi-) permanent solution.

Tevez will surely prosper when he is no longer alone up front. Nani looks good, and I can't wait to see
Anderson in action.

If we don't win with Van-
Rooney and Tevez on the pitch, I'll start fretting.

file said...

it's making for an interesting start to the season for the neutral, nobodies getting an easy ride yet except ManC

I don't even care if they end up winning the league, not even Sven winning it but not that toxic bastard sitting smugly watching his team beat MU while thousands of families miss their untried yet dead sons/husbands and millions continue to live in abject poverty in the country he lifted his billions from

it was good to see the Arse in a rough and tumble tho but Rob Styles was awful

premcorr (fringe) what's up with Pele's performance in the bedroom then? (too much dribbling?) Have I missed something?

MotM said...

File - Pele shills for a certain drug that many men of a certain age find useful.

The Citeh owner thing leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Can one oppose the man while applauding the manager and the team? I guess so, otherwise where would that end?

Perhaps that's more an article than a discussion on Premcorrspondendent's excellent thread.

greengrass said...

We've had this discussion/argument before with regard to the Sheik almost buying Liverpool.

I get the feeling that many Chelsea fans cringe at the fact that Abramovich's money has bought their success.

As a Red Devil, I hate the fact that the Glazers were able to take over our club and put us into debt.

Is Shinawatra's money dirtier than Abramovich's money? This is as good a place as any - what are his crimes, File?

guitougoal said...

the ref is a loser, lehman lost it and Jose didn't loose it, how unpredictable...
file, gg,
dirty money honey! yes there is a moral issue with the sources of funding and may be Motm suggestion
callin for an article from you guys it's not bad after all we could hen discuss it.

greengrass said...

that article must come from File: he has the info on Thailand.

munni said...

There was a group of 5-6 young Thai men in the pub yesterday, all wearing shiny new Man City replica shirts, loudly cheering on their team. I really didn't know what to make of this.

Getting back to on-pitch action, I was proud of Arsenal this week. I'm not saying we couldn't be playing better, but this was exactly the kind of game that usually makes us go to pieces, and I thought they handled it well.

greengrass said...

don't worry - that's Ljungbergitis.

When Freddie started to catch the Arsenal scene, footy pubs in Stockholm were seething with Arsenal fans.

When St. Henrik signed for United, you could hardly move for freshly-baked Red Devils (all gone now, thank Dog).

City should sell a "Svennis" shirt
(number 69?): it would sell like hot bunnies!

munni said...

Greengrass, yes, well, I can see why anyone would be proud to claim Freddie or Henrik as compatriots, but...Thaksin?!

guitougoal said...

it's probably serial killer's fascination?

greengrass said...

Things can only get worse. Before the end of the season, we'll surely see
a Thai in a Man City shirt - probably their under-21 star Huputthe Bonkinthebonk.

guitougoal said...

this kind of thai hard to translate without LOL..:)

offside said...


your lack of knowledge of Thai football is an absolute disgrace. The boy's actual name is Hupputhe Bonkindabonkabonkabonk.

File will tell you how it's pronounced in a minute.

greengrass said...

Dear Professor Offside,

I am well aware of that. Stating the obvious is however, as we well know, the very essence of archeolinguistics
at this moment in time.

I intentionally shortened his name in order to avoid bonking on a similar scale to Sven Göran.

Mark my words, Manchester City will collar a Thai before you can say "Hupputthe Ramintheramalamadingdong"!

Yours in Science,


Zephirine said...

Seems like you gentlemen might be in the mood for a little wopbopalula?

greengrass said...


I never thought you'd ask.

Blacks on stage, whites digging the action.

You'd need an Elvis to change a scene
like that!


Zephirine said...


Whites sitting demurely and doing a little hand-clapping at this new strange black music.... it's creepy, isn't it? But I love the couple dancing.

x-file said...

strangely my posting capability seems to have been curtailed again, by Thailand or by premcorr is unclear, refer interested parties to David Conns excellent articles and thread on GUSB, my own tuppencewoth will wait a few weeks...

Zephirine said...

I had problems with Blogger cutting out yesterday File, it may not just be you, but maybe you should be careful eh?

mimi said...

I gather Rob Styles is going to be "rested" for about a month but hasn't lost any qualifications as a result of truly dire decision. Bet Daryl Hair would like working in the premiership!

offside said...


why don't you step into the netball taproom next door, so we can get to know you better?

Great music, free drinks, good company, hmmmm?

Tweet it, digg it