Saturday, June 9, 2007






We’ve got more than 40 designs now in our gallery and it’s time to decide

what on earth we are going to do next.


mimi said...

I've forwarded this address to all the RAF lot and asked them to consider and then obviously vote for me! We wait and see.

guitougoal said...

are you still willing to discuss your"t-shirts crisis"
on sunday as planned or may I go to church as usual and pray for a teetotal lifestyle for both of you?

file said...


I'm off to Myanmar for the day so I'll see how I feel when I get back, but at least any comments can be referenced here

if it was a pine floored t-shirt shop, set back a bit from the beach, I'd probably browse for about 5 minutes and end up with number 32 or number 21

myself, like...

bluedaddy said...

When I paste the URL I get a Google Picsaweb subscribe page rather than the T shirts. Grrr!

file said...

dogonne it, it should be easy to view, I'm not signed in but can see it, I think Zeph too

try this truncated link bd

if that doesn't HELP then we'll have to rely on more techno literate pseuds'

cos it will have put cookies into my very soul and I will be identified by GOOGLE even as I speak ... about this bd?

Zeph said...

BD - yes, it's impossible to vote on that page, I have aged several years while trying and now have at least fifteen picasaweb subscriptions under various names! I gave up and emailed File.

For the record my fave is 30, second fave 11. Though I would happily buy myself several of the other designs, I think those have the best general appeal.

Mimi, are you consorting with the Royal Air Force?

bluedaddy said...

No joy file, but thanks for trying.

My favourite is the black T with the clever ps logo that reminds me of the World of Sport logo, with the hands clasping on the back, again slightly reminding me of armwrestling on WoS.

I also like the corner flag one.

file said...


happy you can see them now, is that number 36 and number 31 then

offsideintoulouse said...

What, no loincloths?

Zephirine said...

Hello Offsidepoppingupunexpectedly,

No doubt the winning design will be adaptable to a number of garments. Triple thickness fleece for Swedish residents, tropical outfits for Thailand and Tahiti, the list is endless...umbrellas for the UK...

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