Monday, June 4, 2007

Liverpool - worst fans in the world: Official - Ebren & Margin

Uefa has ruled that Liverpool officially have the worst fans in Europe.

Over the last four years the European football authority explained that fans of the five-time European Cup winners have been involved in more incidents than the fans of any other club.

And that was not the only problem.

A Uefa spokesman said: "Zey are 'orrible, every time zey show up to support their club.

"Other clubs, zey return tickets - this is nice, we invite our friends, they 'ave nice lunches, everyone is 'appy. But zees Scousers, zey insist on turning up.

"And zey are even 'orrible for us 'oo 'ave kept ticketz away from ze fanz in advance. Zey make so much noize, zat we can hardly 'ear ourzelves eat."

A supporter from the LFC fan club responded: "Alright! Alright! Calm down.

"Dey do dough, don't dey, la."


Anonymous said...

makes you wonder if the team would actually prefer to walk alone

Anonymous said...

Is Hannibal in town?

Will his keyboard stand up to the mashing it's about to get?

Anonymous said...

He's apparently done one from GUblogs. I hope this is just another Dr Who type regeneration..

Don't do it big man.

Anonymous said...

Taxi for motm and chelsea exile!?

Someday a real rain will come and wash all of this scum off the streets.

DoctorShoot said...

There are worse fans:

From London transport news:
"Temporary portable industrial fans will be trialled at Seven Sisters and Chancery Lane stations this summer to increase air circulation and if successful will be rolled out to a number of stations in 2008" ....athens?

and from the UK airport news:
headline "Aberdeen Airport flight emergency is blamed on fan"

Anonymous said...

Travis, welcome!. Thanks for clearing that up. I always wondered 'who' he was talking to...

Unknown said...

And then there was that air conditioning fan that gave people legionnaires diesease. That's got to be up there.

Travis - there was a seriously cool documentary about the BBC phonographics team.

Tweet it, digg it