Friday, March 9, 2007

As the wind blows, the train approaches

Can you feel the wind - it's coming...

Or, this week's big blogger is.

Good luck everyone, and many thanks for all those who have submitted articles for Pseuds' regardless of entries to the GU competition.

Email address for entries here at the top of the page.

I've got a couple of things I didn't manage to get on this week (I've been super-busy with my real job) to go live, so there should be something to distract you from this weeks' invoices on this afternoon regardless.

And as a final message, spread the word about the site. Last check we had more than a thousand visitors from about 100 locations across the world. China, South Africa, Jakarta, Australia and New Zealand, someone from Dallas and another from Reykjavik, Santiago and Buenos Aires (and even some Tahitian rower), but that's not enough. If you enjoy the stuff, or want your musings read, forward links on (and you can link to individual articles) - any money earend will go on a bloggers convention in Tahiti and a present for Sean and Barry for making this all possible.


bluedaddy said...

Ebren, we are on page two of google (17th entry overall) under the search pseuds corner, which seems ok until you realise that this is the 6th entry on page 1:

And I thought we were all a bit weird!

Anyhoo, my wife knows about such things and one of the best ways of boosting your Google profile is to get links TO the site, especially from sites with good profiles themselves. This is one reason GU is so prominent on Google and why you see external links on good sites. Apologies if a) this is something you already know and b) it is as boring as it patently is.

But if you want Pseuds Corner to get a higher profile, it would be good to ask people to link whatever sites they may operate/influence to this site. Don't ask me how to do this. I'm strictly an ideas man - I don't get my hands dirty with the mechanics of it all. :0)

bluedaddy said...

Oh, and Ebren, many thanks for the site. I have been continuing to read the GU Sportsblog, but am just totally fed up with the bickering recently. I'm sure we were never as bad as this in the 'clique' days. Seani even entered a pleading, exasperated post the other day, in answer to Jelley I think (not seen him/her here yet have you?), asking bloggers to attempt something a little more ambitious than:

A: Wenger is the greatest so there!

B: Wenger is a moaning frog, ner ner ner ner ner!

He's still better than Moaninyo!

I wonder what Seani's inbox contains recently?

But, without wanting to be too creepy and suck uppy, I'm finding a lot more stimulation here (also sounds a bit pervy). In fact I'm tempted to post an instant review of a big game here (maybe Chelsea/Spurs if I can get to watch it), and see if I can have a decent dingdong without having to suffer any more Goonerpudlian witterings.

Ebren said...

BD - did I give you posting rights?

If you want to put articles on for yourself I will happily give you permission (Margin and andrewm are already doing this) and we can see what happens...

Interesting isn't it - after complaining about people being off-topic, now being on-topic is being complained about. Swings, roundabouts, and all that. Maybe a pendulum. Actually, Jelly was banned for being comedy "on topic" if I remember rightly.

We don't want a high Google ranking, we want a decent reputation.

People would have to have heard of the site before they type "pseuds' corner" into Google anyway. As such - while your missus is entirely right - personally I would like people to link to us, or have heard of us, for having some quality articles (and I think we do). So I would like people to forward these on. And perhaps post links if they want to (as Mouth and Margin have), if they think the story/site is good enough.

bluedaddy said...

Fair dos re reputation before ranking Eb.

I was thinking a little more along the 'word of mouth' line (I do occasionally see real people fom time to time), rather than online. I always find it difficult to remember Blogspot URLs (my son has one you see), so I always find it easier to say "Just Google xxxxx and yyyyyyy and you'll see it on the first page"

Are you in the running today?

Ebren said...

I'm not in the running this week - meaning I can sit back and enjoy without that gut-churning sense of anticipation, anguish, depression, elation and moaning that normally accompanies these things.

I know Mouth and mimi have collaborated on something, so I'm rooting for that.

MotM said...

Just another shout for your fine work here Ebren.

I've a couple of piece in the frame this week which I'll post to you once they hit the spike. The mimi-mouth collaboration is 99% - 1%. I hope she wins - it's excellent.

marcela said...

how do we link to specific posts?

can you illusttrate your answer with exact URL for Offside's piece?


Ebren said...

Easy peasy - either click on the headline and you go to the post (with the comments laid out underneath), or click on a link on the archive on the right hand side of the page and you go to the article's very own page.

Offside's page is this:

bluedaddy said...

Ebren, do you know how to do that clever thing where you see a bold printed word and that is a link, like Marcela does on the GU blog. I will ask my wife if you don't as she does this on my son's blogspot blog.


Ebren said...

this will do it in standard.

But I'm never sure how much blogspot interprets for itself hand how much it lets me use programming language.

Ebren said...

meant to say "standard HTML".

But deleted it by accident - somewhat undermining my demonstration of web skills

bluedaddy said...

Dont really get HOW you do it Eb, but dont worry I will ask Mrs BD.

Flamingoes are mental. I am glad I dont turn the colour of what I eat the most. I'd be cheese-and-pickle coloured.

Ebren said...

when in fact we all know that you are blue.

marcela said...

bluedaddy, on a mac:

when you are typing your text you can click on the word 'insert' at the top of the screen. the last option is 'insert hyperlink'
then you type the http address you want in the relevant box and the next box offers you 'show as'.
so you type the word ot phrase you want highlighted:

Art and sport don’t mix

fos instance, i just did it on word and 'mix' links to somewhere but it hasn't come up in the comments box.

so lesson 1 is about how it doesn't work here. :)


andrewm said...

I genuinely think this site is better than GU, if only because we are aware of each other's tribal loyalties and so don't have to have the same arguments over and over again.

MotM said...

andrewm - it's better here because the writing is better, whether that be above the waterline or below.

Ebren said...

Different rules apply to different bits of this site.

The comments box is pure text.

It won't accept any formatting or anything else. However, you can use basic HTML to bold or italicise if you know the code.

But only basic. For example, while I can link, I can't make the link open in a new window. Which I can normally do by inserting target="_blank" in the link code.

I don't know where the limits are until I try stuff - so have gone with just putting the link in the text so people can copy and paste it.

The writing on the GU site (at least above the line) is superb. Don't get big-headed now.

Honestly, you pay peanuts- you get monkeys.

MotM said...

Above the line on GU is often good and sometimes excellent, but Marina's piece was hopeless this week (and often is), Vic Marks is complacent, Selvey hit and miss and Russell Brand improving from a subterranean base.

I really do think that this site is (as things stand now) a better read than the GU SportsBlog site, but maintaining the standard will be a challenge.

Ebren said...

I'm going to defend Sean here.

As he frequently points out - the Marina, Williams, Brand, Hattenstone, and Pearson (not to mention others) are not commissioned by the GU. Sid, James, Marcela, Jonathan Wilson, Smyth, Doyle and others are. These are generally of a very high standard indeed.

Additionally, we are trying to do very different things with our writing.

The closest thing we have to a standard GU reporter is Margin. Who writes topical and new-style pieces (to rather a high standard IMO). We don't have to cover match reports or inform people about current event. So we have more scope.

We also have less content.

In the last week we have had 26 articles and 850+ comments. GU has had over 50. That's double the volume from far fewer writers.

As I said - the quality of GU is very high.

Now I'm not having a go at the stuff that appears here - which ranges from good to superb (if I am allowed to pay myself a compliment) - but the feel and aim is very different over here. Like comparing the Empress with the prize-winning marrow.

Both good, but very different, comparisons are unfair.

50KaWeekSub said...

I'd say that this site is more like a back street art gallery: The standard is pretty good overall but the pieces vary (I'm allowed to say that because 2 of mine are on here).

GU is more established, i.e. The Tate - in Ebren's gallery there are sure to be a few undiscovered masterpieces.

I like both.

bluedaddio said...

God, what have I started? I'm with Ebren on this one. I was definitely referring to below the line on GUbeing a bit shite recently. But it ebbs and flows, and improves immeasurably when the Arse/Pool battle for bronze is off the agenda.

Above the line is a very high standard. It's only really The Fiver that I have lost patience with (too formulaic). But I'm not forced to read it. So I dont. In fact it may be great now.

mimi said...

There's a huge difference between here and GU blogs that I've found and enjoyed. Here contributers respect each others' opinions and don't get involved in tribal arguments. Also it seems to me that there's a far wider spectrum of sports featured and that gives us all a chance to learn lots of new stuff. It seems as though Sean will end the BB after next week. If ebren can find the time to continue this one, I'd be a firm supporter.
BTW: I've mailed the http address to all my friends, and from what they send me, they are all reading and enjoying - from the UK, Australia and the Neths.

MotM said...

Ebren - Yes things are different here and Sean's gang are mainly exempt from the criticism I level at Big Paper writers who are out of his control, but mimi and you are right. It's different here and I like it here more than I like it there, with the exception of the cricket blogs which ar still an almost unadulterated joy.

mimi said...

Oh and btw, I've never seen anything about bagpipes (ref to another strand here) on GU!

Zephirine said...

Well, we have to thank Sean anyway, because if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here. As I've just posted elsewhere, we seem to be generally less pundit-like and more personal in our writing than the GU pros or the chosen BB entrants, and this provokes fewer tribal knee-jerk comments (or comments from tribal jerks). The cricket blog on GU is fab, even when the articles aren't great - I hope the Aus midnight ramblers come back, or join on here even.

guitougoal said...

Ebren, if you think it's too mellow here, if you need an opposition guy, a designated hitter, the one coming into the game just to mess it up say the word.Kick me out of the team.I'll put my camouflage suit on and start the war.No need for help.I'll go solo.
creating enough annoyance to be banned, then Tahiti will start a strike, green grass will protest and you got your real blog with sean and barry willing to join, asking you for a job.
On a more serious note, former tennis prodigy Andrea Jaeger becoming a religious nun last fall she is now sister Andrea. How about that for a story? -Sport and Faith-everybody start writting and stop singing.

mimi said...

GG - I hadn't caught up with that about Andrea. Go on, write something for next week - our last chance to shine on GU.

guitougoal said...

mimi, tahiti forbids me to write anything which could make me a cult figure and may takes marcela and himself out of the spotlight.
But any of you guys have the ressouces to do a great piece because we are talking about the youngest ever(i believe) finalist in the french open and wimbledon to become a nun at 44 , it's an incredible story. She was quite an extraordinary athlete and it is an extraordinary story with all the related issues it is so relevant. I am willing to share all the infos with anybody who volunteers, including yourself of course. But I do agree with you, someone from Ebren's should post it on the last GU.

MotM said...

I wouldn't pick an argument with anyone over their religious beliefs, but the Sister Andrea story seems inevitable given how many American Sports Stars thank God in interviews.

Can't help finding it slightly eerie, but I guess it's better than them thanking their sponsors.

guy anthome said...

motm, I couldn't sell sister andrea's story even with a free trip to tahiti for reward.lack of eloquence,the story of my life.guitou.

olivier said...

A free trip to Tahiti? Hey, I'll do it- oh wait...

marcela said...

hang on... I'LL do it for a free trip to Tahiti. When was that offered?

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