Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Times, they are a changing

Right, I shall not be around this Friday to post the submissions that did not make it to Big Blogger, part 2.

But do not despair, gentle reader, as andrewm (and possibly others if they get back to me) has stepped forward to fill the Ebren-shaped hole.

emails/submissions should go to to be put up as separate posts.




andrewm said...

Guest editor - it's an honour.

Hopefully we'll get as many quality articles as last week, although I'm a bit worried people might forget about us.

Ebren, unless I hear otherwise from you I'll post any articles we've received on Friday morning.

Enjoy your trip.

MotM said...

Well played andrewm.

That was a very good performance at Barcelona.

andrewm said...

Thanks Mouth, I enjoyed your contribution to the live coverage as well.

guy anthome said...

andrewn, may the sportswriting force be with you.

greengrass said...

Andy -
as long as you don't post only Marcela's articles...

andrewm said...

GG, the way things are going I won't be posting ANY articles.

Come on, people - send us your ideas!

MotM said...

I'm waiting on the off-chance that the GU boys publish me, as they'd be mighty miffed to see the work here first I suggest.

Once I'm in the also-rans for sure, I'll post to you for here and a Hannibalising!

MotM said...

andrewm - Done as four attachments.


andrewm said...

Mouth - no sign of those attachments at the pseud's corner email account. Did you send them directly to Ebren?

Maybe you should try sending them directly to me at

Come on - I want to read them!

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