Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daniel Levy Rules! - PremCorrespondent

Sorry for the late round up this week. I attended a long planned party to report on Daniel Levy’s steady guidance of good ship Tottenham on Sunday night, and no one else turned up. Still, waste not want not. I tucked into the free beer and sausage rolls and woke up in an alley this morning.

Spurs of course lost under Clive Allen’s temporary charge, with new man Ramos copying much of the Premier league and looking down on his side from above. Meanwhile Blackburn Samba’d away from White Hart Lane with a 2-1 win and a renewed confidence that Mark Hughes would stick around until Alex Fergusson collapses on the Old Trafford touchline.

Not that Sir Alex’s heart faces much stress right now. A number of injuries may have caused concern for lesser teams early in the campaign, but the Red Devils were their normal raging storm of attacking power against sorry Boro as they won 4-1 and must now feel confident of winning yet another Premiership pot this season.

Less a raging storm and more a refreshing breeze of attacking football, Arsenal’s young side saw a near record breaking run of wins come to an end against Liverpool. Missed chances at both ends during Gerrard’s 400th appearance for the Reds should have seen a 1-1 draw finish 3-3. But both teams would have been pleased to walk away with their unbeaten league records in tact.

Among the other title hopefuls, Manchester City took an unexpected drubbing at the hands of lowly Chelsea. OK, that’s an exaggeration of both clubs’ positions. But it was fun to type.

Anyway, apparently Chelsea under Avram Grant are set to be as predictably successful as his £300million first team was under the Special one. Their 6-0 victory raised again the concern that Sven has no plan B to instigate when defending a 0-0 draw and hoping to snatch a goal or set piece on the break falls short.

Everton risk being labelled boring after their 2-0 win against Derby. Not because the game was dreary or because goals from Arteta and Yakubu were not somewhat impressive. And not because of Everton’s negative tactics. But if you don’t score four goals against County when will you score four?

Daniel de Ridder lightened up the match between soon to be bought Birmingham City and soon to be relegated Wigan Athletic. The 3-2 win ended City’s run of defeats and was largely thanks to their Dutchman. But nothing on show shook the belief that ChampCorrespondent will be reporting on the same fixture next season.

In other games of little interest, Rob Green saved a late penalty to keep Pompey v West Ham 0-0 till the final whistle, and Sunderland’s Kenwyne Jones’ fear of Roy Keane inspired another late recovery to draw 1-1 with Fulham.

Newcastle showed just how bad Martin Jol’s Spurs side were in defeat at St James’ Park last week when even a lucky equaliser couldn’t prevent eventual defeat to Reading.

And finally Bolton were mugged, stabbed, and beaten senseless by referee Martin Atkinson in Megson’s first game in charge. Atkinson created much of the game’s excitement at the Reebok by refusing the home side their stronger than normal penalty appeals and by helping Aston Villa equalise by confusing everyone and his linesman when he gave Bolton’s throw to the away side.


MotM said...

Well Prem, did you read http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/more_sport/article2725829.ece?

Not a good article, but it's hard to see past Spurs as a Great British Loser and, with their boardroom, it's no wonder!

bluedaddy said...

Come on PremCorr, that was Villa's throw and rank bad defending by Bolton. Shoddy turnout too. I know seeing your club appoint Megson must be like a waking nightmare but surely in such circumstances you have to roar your team on and hope for the best?

The Benjani pen was hilarious though, especially as Robert Green had never saved a pen. I'm betting Portsmouth miss out on Europe by two points.

PremCorr said...


That article was shocking. How the Carpenter's Arms 1999 to 2002 team in the Christchurch darts league didn't make the grade as three times runners up, each to different champions is beyond me.

pipita said...

Hey Prem, how come no mention of Tevez's first goal against Boro?? One-two with Rooney who backheeled it for Carlitos to score...If their's anything like poetry in football, this must come very close indeed

mimi said...

Just having a quick skim - as you know football not my forte, but my eye was caught by "Chelsea under Avant Garde".
Gosh, that sounds interesting, I thought.
Sadly I had simply misread the new manager's name, and we are not about to enter into an exciting new era where the Stamford Bridge eclectic defence attempt to frustrate an exciting rococco Arsenal (say) attack, strictly in tune to the rhythm of a new piece by Philip Glass.

MotM said...

With Drogba in leotard as an exponent of contemporary dance.

mimi said...

Archie Gemmell?

old moore said...

I'm not saying United will win, but I can see Arsenal losing by at least 2 gals this aff.

The Arsenal juveniles will be fabregasted by The Red Devils Poetry Workshop Cristiano Corso, Carlitos Ferlinghetti and Wayne Ginsburg.

The Pool? Time for a captivating display of synchronised sinking, followed by community chanting about injuries and free history lessons all round.

The Sphinx will start clawing his way back after being run over by an
imaginary coach.

Everton will start their inexorable climb to the top 4.

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