Thursday, May 3, 2007

What is it about sports I don't understand? - Mimitig

I've been entranced tonight by a game of which I know very little, and sort of fascinated by a game at which I am a mere amateur fan. The latter distracting me from a thrilling quarter-final in the former. That is enough to tell you what I'm talking about. Yes, the snooker and the football.

Snooker is an absorbing pastime. It is also a debate: is it a sport, or is it the bar game that I was banned from even trying at after ripping up the baize with a poorly advised thrust of the cue? Well, having spent several years following the career of the dynamic Ronnie O'Sullivan, I think it is a sport and gloriously on-the-edge entertainment. You can never write the script for what Ronnie will do, and as a watcher, although one who barely knows the rules of which order the colours have to be pocketed, I can assure you, it is riveting to watch.

Unfortunately tonight, for me, there was another contest underway that clashed with the Rocket's time at the table. I tried, very very hard, to follow Man U on R5 Live at the same time as watching what happened on the green baize, but for once my multi-tasking abandoned me. It's not that the football was that exciting - for goodness sake, after the first AC goal, the plot was a foregone conclusion, but I had to hold on, just in case Fergie's boys could pull the rabbit out of the hat. By the time the match was done, so was Ronnie. Higgins through, Rocket going home.

What it did leave me with was an absolutely classic nerve-trembling match between two young lads that I've barely heard of. Carter and Selby. Who they? Well, I don't know much more now, but the final few frames were far more exciting than the football I'd focussed on earlier in the evening. In fact, they were as thrilling as a penalty shoot-out - oops, probably shouldn't mention that in front of Chelsea fans!

So that leaves me now with the semis and the final of the snooker to enjoy, and the Champions League final in Athens which I hope, will give Liverpool the unprecedented 6th European title. Open-topped buses await at the John Lennon airport.

Do I spend hours trying to understand all the rules and peculiarities of the games before then? Do I buggery! Just watch and enjoy.


QBall said...


Now open for business.
Riff Raff and Political Hustlers
Most Welcome

mimi said...

is this the inner room in nesta's tavern?

guitougoal said...

I remember ( I was there) the world cup FINAL in 1994 when Brazil won 0-0 against Italia, it was the most boring final ever.During 120 minutes, 22 guys run and kick and dribble and trip each other without scoring.
It was the first world cup final decided on penalty kicks and when Roberto Baggio kicked the ball over the goal, it was it, the cup went flying down to Rio.
It was inartistic football by purists' standards,the way these two teams were going, they might have gone the rest of the year without scoring.Even the victorious goal keeper Taffarel, described the post-game as a "Lottery"He blocked only one of the three shots Italy blocked.

mimi said...

I'm just going to slip away - this is not a popular strand, so sha-la-la love has gone away... she took the ring from my finger, and there's nothing left to say... slip away .....

mimi said...

I think I will adapt this or any idea to Stavislaksy. But I'm also wondering if I should go down the Loboschesky route. Every chapter I stole from somewhere else. But it is research.
And this I know from nothing. To me the news will run.

mimi said...

actually, I'm going to write a movie based on Adolph Hitler.

offtheblack said...

Too knackered to write. Was watching Carter - Selby (13-12) last night til 3 am. Silly game.

MotM said...

I'm all for snooker and darts in the Olympics. If the snooker final matches either of the darts finals, it'll be sensational!

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